Steem Monsters Giveaway #7 (Legendary cards?)

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Welcome to Tntdabomb's 7th Steem Monsters Giveaway!

Up till today, I had given out over 50 cards to my fellow summoners, practitioners, and collectors. While it might not seem like a lot, I do not have a lot of cards myself. I am doing this to help neophytes and those who don't have enough money to compete. In the previous event, I gifted 5 cards to the lucky winner @saraneth. When I reached out to the summoner, the winner was strangely inactive and unresponsive. I just hope they put those cards into good use.

For this event

I am giving away a common Sea Genie card, a rare Prismatic Energy card, an epic Imp Bowman card, and two legendary monsters! One of them is a BLACK DRAGON!

To participate in this giveaway, I will need

  1. Your steem account name.
  2. Your comment as to why you should win
  3. Your upvote and resteem (look, I don't have a lot of active followers and lack exposure. Help a brotha out!

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate as long as they fulfilled my requirements. Since these cards are for new players like myself, don’t expect me to always give out rare, epic, and legendary cards. Most of the cards will be level 1's unless it's a special event or stated otherwise.

How do I win?

Your name will be added to my sorting hat and then I will randomly select a winner.

When will I get my cards?

After 7-8 days of this post, I will give you your first card and will seek confirmation to see if you had received it. YOU WILL NEED TO REPLY TO MY COMMENT AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED. After I get my confirmation, I will continue to send you the other cards to your account. I will not be responsible if you give me the wrong steem name. Remember, I don't have a lot of extra cards myself. I'm doing this for you <3

Future giveaways?

I created this giveaway because I wanted to encourage more interactions within my blogs. I'm thinking about doing a giveaway every season and might consider doing it more frequently as I accumulate more cards. However, if the participation level is too low, I might consider ending future giveaways.

New players?

If you're planning on signing up to Steemmonsters, help me out by using my referral link!

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@jumps is my username, the reason i join this give away is because i always getting beaten up by higher rank people so a good card might be help... lol just kidding.. i join just for the fun.. :))


though I already have all those rewards, but I'd like to have more Black D and every of the cards, I collect cards..

by the way @tntdabomb, can I tag some of my friends to join in?
I tagged them anyway.. because you really need some commenters right?
hey @itisjustme, @nureza, @adenijiadeshina .. try this one!

I just recently got my account back after being locked out for the past couple days. I will need some time to readjust and make sure everything is secure. I will select a winner and send the cards within 24-48hours. Thank you for your patience.

I find this game interesting.
Can I play this game for free ?


Sadly, no. The reality is that everything here cost money (it takes money to make money). You will have to buy the beginner's pack to even get started.

The letters would be of great help to me since it only took a week and a half to start playing and they will serve as an impulse in the game.

I have always wanted to start out in steem monsters. This might be the kick I need :)

I’ve been grinding it out on both steemit and Steem Monsters. I hold regular giveaways and contest to help the community.

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Respect. I just gave you a follow! Let's continue to support the community!!!


As did I! Cheers man I look forward to supporting each other.

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@demolitionpickle is my account name. I am a new player and I am entering because I could really use the black dragon to make a functioning dragon​ deck. Thank you for the contest and best of luck in game.


good luck to you as well

Play now 4 days steem monsters and i realy need more cards 🙏🏼

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Congratulation! You have been picked as our new WINNER! I will send the sea genie to your account. Once you have received it, please reply to this comment. Then, I will proceed to send the rest of the cards to your account!


YES!!!! i receive the Genie! Thank you very much!

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Alright. give me a few minutes, I'll send you the rest! By the way, I recognize your name. I think I battle you before lol


you won :)

I receive the cards. Thanks for this fantastic giveaway. Maybe see you on the battlefield :)

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Since my picks are randomize, you're free to come back for other giveaways! I hope you continue to get stronger :)

Oh I wanna this Black Dragon so badly😉

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May the odds be ever in your favor


May the force be with me 😁

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Black dragon sounds amazing. I am not rich enough to spend steem buying cards. I want to win. My steemit and SM user is @blog-beginner

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Good luck!

Hi and thanks for doing this giveaway. it's always nice to see someone helping smaller accounts grow. good boy.
I really like playing Steemmonsters, but my deck is very, very scarce ... unfortunately I don't have that much money to spend on this game :(
Receiving these cards would surely make my deck stronger and make my gaming experience more enjoyable.
Upvote and resteem ;)

Hello, I have been in steemit since October but I joined steemmonsters recently, I would like to participate in your contest. Maybe more people deserve gifts, more than me, but we will always want to get more cards, so it never hurts to try. My account is: @mariangies
Thanks for the contest, greetings.


I pick people at random. Everyone has an equal chance of winning :)

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