No, Its a form of advertising. I am looking for higher attention, because i believe my content is worth it.
Nothing shameful in it , since im paying for that plus in attention and create a win-win situation.
If my content is bulls... its not gonna pay out.

I know what form of advertising it is. I'm a certified Inbound Marketer, so I guess I'm just adverse to buying attention instead of earning it. I wish you the best of luck, and hope you never have to suffer the downfalls of trying to take shortcuts.

I dont see it in a one-sided way and it is not. There is the tag or keyword "giveaway". People are actively searching for that keyword end up here and get exactly what they are searching for , a giveaway without a twist. Is this your personal view or your view as a marketer? Isnt buying attention exactly what advertising in genereal does?I believe it is, because noones asking for it. And this case here is different.

Buying attention is the OLD way to advertise. You'll get a much higher quality follower by creating great content. Build it, and they will come. Quality > Quantity

Youtube, Facebook etc quality>quantity. On steemit that golden rule doesnt work that simple. Since blogposts are basically alive for just seven days, quantity becomes a very important factor and you have to adjust to it. What has advertising to do with the quality of the content.These are two different things. Anyway, there are different perspectives and what i do in this blog here is in integrity with my personal beliefs what is fair and right. Good luck with your blog

And you with yours...

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