Do you want this Steem Socia Media Done Right Coffee Mug

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I have a Steem Social Media Done Right Coffee Mug

But I only currently have one. So who wants it? This time I am changing up the rules. You got to work a little for this mug.



How to enter for your chance to win

  1. Upvote this post ( sorry I had to add this requirement I hate that I had to add it but since the hardfork these are costing me even more to host and I need to offset the shipping costs some)
  2. Tell me why I should pick you to give the mug to. Be your own cheerleader and tell me why I should pick you. Leave your answer in the comments below.

Winner will have 7 day to claim their prize.

Told you I am doing things differently. As 30 days is too long for me to store things before giving it to a second place winner. Winner will be chosen at the payout of this post. How to claim your prize if you win will be in the winner announcement post.

social media done right updated (1).jpg


I would try to claim this mug. I'm a computer engineer who has introduced Steen to 15-20 more of them. If I own such a mug it will be a value add for my advertisement. I can flaunt it at my desk. And would be proud to have coffee from it.

Good luck so far you are in the lead of getting it. Will you have competition? Guess we have 6 days to see.....

I hope I don't.

Love the honesty lol

@blog-beginner With your answer, I hope you win!!! Good luck!!!