Minnows Helping Minnows - Success For All Instant Payout Giveaway #17 - You Don't Have To Wait For 7 Days - Extra Bonus Tamil Charity Coin(SMT) Added

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Our sponsored giveaway from @tamilcharitycoin is also underway. Please upvote and support it too. Here is the link:

In order to get paid instantly you have to:

Upvote this post and

post a comment with the text "Minnows Support".

You have to both upvote and comment to get paid.

You may also follow me, if you like me, but that is optional.

This is part of our minnows support project. If you follow the steemians who actively promote steemit and support minnows, you will see in almost all posts they mention one big problem - the newbies (minnows) leaving steemit, after trying it for a few weeks, because they do not get so many upvote and see any income from their posts.

Of course, we have to understand that nobody is going to get paid 100s of Dollars when they start out with any program. It takes time and hard work to build any business. BTW, we have to understand that steemit is a blogging platform and an online business at the same time. As the saying goes "come for the money and stay for the community", we want both the money and a great community. If it is just for the community, we would have stayed with facebook or 100s of other social networks out there. I feel that most of the minnows understand that and work hard to post quality content and develop a supportive following.

But, there are minnows who get very little attention and upvotes and get discouraged and leave steemit prematurely. Minnows Helping Minnows Community wants to work with these people and help them stay a little longer with steemit so that they can reap the benefits of steemit.

How do you get paid.

Payout will be based on your vote value. Just to motivate minnows, in the case of minnows who's vote value is less than US$ 0.00275 who upvote this post, I will transfer SBD 0.001 immediately after they upvote.

For those who have a vote value more than US$ 0.00275. the payout will like in the example below:

When I buy votes from minnowbooster bot, I pay SBD 1.00 and get a vote worth US$ 2.75. That is the highest rate you can get right now. Example: if you upvoted this post through minnowbooster bot you get 75% of what I pay to minnowbooster bot(0.75SBD) and they keep 25%(0.25SBD). From now on I will pay whoever upvote my post directly, I will send whatever minnowbooster pay them(0.75BSD) plus we will split their keep 50/50(0.125BSD). So, you will get 0.75 BSD + 0.125 BSD a total of 0.875BSD - 16.6% more than what you get from minnowbooster bot.

Plus all the upvoters get an equal share of profit after 7 days, if there is any money left after making instant payments.

How the instant payout works.

I am not a bot. All payouts will be done manually. If I happen to be online at the time of your upvoting, the payout will be instant. Otherwise I will pay you as soon as I get online. There might be a bandwith limit or lack of funds even when I am online. But, in any case you will get your payout within 24 hours. You don't have to wait for 7 days!!!

Giveaway #16 is completed - Details.

After paying the instant payouts, we are left with a profit of SBD -0.004.

The profit was only possible through the goodhearted support of bigger minnows with high vote value. Thanks to @hr1, @trayan, @firstamendment, @feedyourminnows, @tomiscurious. Thank you all. It is very much appreciated.

Like I mentioned in earlier posts, success of minnows support project depends solely on the goodhearted support of bigger minnows, whales and other steemians with high vote value. Please join and support the project.


Minnows(Steemit Newbies) Helping Minnows. Success For All Minnows Support Project.

One of the big problems with the steemit newbies(Minnows) they get started with a lot of enthusiasm after looking at the payout amounts in the posts in trending and hot posts, hoping that they can get at least a fraction of it. But, when they post their posts at the beginning as newbies, lacking the support and following of big account holders, all they get is a few pennies and a few upvotes, if they are lucky. Discouraged and heartbroken they leave the steemit never to come back. Some of them stay a little longer hoping for whales and other big fish to help them. That rarely happens.

What we, minnows, have to do is to take pro-active action, help each other and grow fast. How can we help each other? There are many ways to do it such as upvoting, buying and selling votes from minnows. Sharing ideas and strategies to grow our accounts fast. But in order to do it we have to form small communities and grow together.

"Minnows Helping Minnows Community" is such an initiative. You can find out what we are trying to do here:






We have also created a discord channel: https://discord.gg/9fp4XSW

so we can meet there and exchange ideas, votes or buy and sell votes. We just started it. If there is enough interest we will develop it further. Sign up on the discord channel, if you are interested.

Success Is Our Birthright.

giveaway steemit money minnowsupport promo-steem

Bid bots are practically useless. I use upvote bots to convert your steem dollars to steem power like @takowi does. That is a good steem power building strategy. But with the current upvote bots' payout rate, even that is a losing propotion (SBD 1 = $ 2). To brake even you need at least SBD 1 = $ 2.15 rate. Even at that rate if the value of SBD goes down after 7 days when you get your author reward, you lose money.

To over come this problem we minnows have got together and formed a small community where steemians can buy upvotes at SBD 1 = $ 2.87 which will guarantee profit for the buyer and at the same time support the minnows to get some SBD to grow their steem account fast. It is a win-win deal for both buyer and seller.

As I see it, the only way the minnows can benefit from the current situation in steemit is to form such small communities and help each other and grow rather than waiting for some whales to come and help or balming the bots or current steemit system.


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"Minnows Support"


Thanks for the support. Have a nice day.

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Minnows Support


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