Seyiodus's Giveaway #1 A Riddle (What Am I?) - Today's Prize: 1 Share Of Steembasicincome

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Hello everyone, happy Sunday and the beginning of a new week to you. I am heading to my 8th month on steemit with over 1000 followers. I want to say thank you all for your support and some once in a while supporters who are not even my followers. I am saying thanks to all in all.


What's The Call For?

This platform has helped me a lot especially when I lost my dad and it's still helping now with the help of you all and that why I want to give out to those on it. I hope with time, I will be able to give more than what I expected myself. I have been wanting to do something that I will be able to give out to others but I have been postponing it and thinking of what it will be and thinking I don't have much now. Seeing different contests going on here and there but I did not decide. Now, I have I decided to start somewhere and as time goes on, things will get in shape on its own. It's better to start than to keep postponing. So, here I am.

The giveaway will be with different questions and methods everytime I come up with it and your support will help me to do it almost every day if not every day. The giveaway is one share of steembasicincome for now but the payout will determine my increase in the shares I will be giving and the other prizes I will also be given as I continue the giveaway. if you want to know about steembasicincome, you can read their post here but in a summary, it's a guarantee upvote for life or let me say as long as you are still posting on steemit platform.


Contest #1

My first contest is going to be a riddle. Surely all will know it and if you did not know it, you can go search for it lolx. Like I said it's my first and I just want to make it fun. This is a question I come up with myself and the answer I generated myself. Have fun!


I am an open ledger, a genius and I record data and never get tired. I validate every transaction but once you enter a new data, you can never erase other data you input in me. What Am I?


  • Comment your answer down.
  • Upvote and resteem this post. This will be like a support to be able to give more and so to reach more steemians.
  • All correct answers will be accepted but only one steemian can be a winner (for now). I will be using random name picker tool to determine the final winner.
  • This giveaway will end when this post has been paid out and an announcement will be made ( Another giveaway may come up before the payout). edited

This is totally my giveaway and I can be on a break at any time since I am a human just like you. I can decide to increase the numbers of winners as it pleases me and there can be any changes at any time. Try to understand that this is just my way of giving back to the platform and all the decision is mine to take.

You can make a suggestion to make it fun

As this is my first contest, a suggestion from you to make it more fun and interesting is welcome form you. You can suggest topic(s) you will like to see in the next giveaway contest.

Have Fun!


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You records data and never get tired, validates every transactions and once a new data is entered, the previous can't be changed😂😂😂😂😂😂


Am I? Are you sure? Let's wait and see.

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Resteemza image small.jpg

time stamp on the Blockchain,



hmm, maybe. Lolx


Let's see when the announcement is being made.


Patiently waiting, i was the first to say block chain oh


How do you know blockchain is the right answer?
Then read the post rules to make your entry valid.

upvoted from the whaleshares show


You are Blockchain!! Yea this will be a fun contest to also learn more about steemit!


yeah, it's going to be fun. Good luck.


Thank you!

Congratulations and sorry for you loss, love this giveaway. Good luck to everyone that enters!


thanks sis. Life goes on.

Could it be blockchain?
I am not that good at riddlesbut congrats on your milestone


Are you asking or answering, sis? Lolx You need to do one.
Good luck.


Lol, no, it is an answer, but only wanted to wish you congratulations.


Thanks sis but you have entered too. Good luck.

You are a blockchain


Really? Are you sure? Well, Let's wait for it.

What’s white, but read all over?


hmm, I don't have an answer for your riddle yet.

It has really began well..happy week @seyiodus


Thanks bro.

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Blockchain. Goodluck to all!


Good luck to you too.

You are the brain.


Hmm, really? Let's wait and see.



hmm, really? let's wait and see.

It is Blockchain


Let's wait and see.

The Steem blockchain.


Are you sure? Let's wait and see.

A decentralized blockchain.


Are you sure? Good luck.

You're a block chain


Am I? Good luck


Really? I don't know yet. Lolx

I think it's about psychology


I think we should wait and see.

Riddles most atimes dont have just answer. My answer is decentralized blockchain system.