Minnows, I Will Promote Your Posts For Free!

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It doesn't matter how good your posts are, if only a handful of people learn about them, you are going to have a hard time succeeding. Whether you like it or not ads affect our decisions. Advertising has proven to be an effective way to gain followers that otherwise, would be impossible to reach, because of different factors like demographics or competition. That's why Steemit is giving you the option to promote your​ material.


How promotion on Steeemit works?

You can promote any post only with Steem Dollars. When writing a post if you put, let's say, only one tag #steemit, then this post will be promoted only in the #steemit tag category. This is why it's a good idea to use all 5 tags, to get you post promoted in 5 different tag categories on Steemit. Any post you promote will go to the Promoted tab of that category. The more you pay for it, it will show prior to other posts with less promotion cost. The post will stay there at least for a week, maybe even more.


A little gift

Lately, ​I've been thinking about how can I help new steemians excel on the platform, and give them some encouragement. I know it's tough to be a minnow, especially when so many people join the platform every day. Now I want to continue my contribution by promoting posts by new users. The promoted tab is a powerful tool to find new followers and beat the competition. Many underestimate the power of promotion, but more online presence hurt no one. Any kind of promotion on your posts is a good move.


If your reputation is under 50 and have less than 1000 in Steem Power feel free to send me a link in the comments​ of one of your recent posts and I will promote it gladly. I will promote one post per user, so chose wisely. Remember if the post is older than 7 days there is not point in promoting it because it's already been paid for.

Tips on promoting:

  • Promote your post after you publish it immediately​.
  • Pay attention to tags, they are very important. Use only relevant ones!
  • You can use as low as 0.001 SBD to promote a post.
  • Check out how much people are paying​ for their promoted posts. Don't aim for the very top. It's enough to be in the top 10.

This is a free initiative by me, you don't need to upvote or resteem this post to get promoted, but I will appreciate it.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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nice thing to do for new people, great job

Wonderful initiative Rossenpavlov. This is a great help to little minnows and would make them feel at home :) I am one of your followers already due to your good heart!

Interesting stuff @rossenpavlov - I'm well beyond the minnow status you're supporting, but I was curious about promotion so I went ahead and tossed 5 SBD into my most recent post. Interested to see how it pans out

Lest hope you will get a return.

Don't think I did to be honest o_o but I'm glad I tried anyway :-)

Thanks for the advice and for the promotion offer! You know you're helping minnows when you have more up votes than cents rewarded hehe

Could you promote this post of mine?


Shhh! :)

haha I can say it cause I am, too, a minnow

Wow! I'll definitely have you promote my next post, thank you!!!

Hello, I am new and just starting out.
Please promote my post
Thank you so much.

Thank you for your efforts. I will try your promotion advice and meanwhile I think this one is my best post for promotion.
4.5 billion year old Piece of Iron (AHNIGHITO) that fell to Earth from Space........A Mysterious Dicovery

Yes, no problem.

Thank you

Hi, @rossenpavlov. I really like this minnow support initiative.
I would really appreciate if you gave my most recent blog some promotion! :-)
I spent a couple of hours on it, so it's great to see how much the potential payout is because a few whales were nice and upvoted.


Thank you, it's really appreciated. I upvoted your post and followed btw. :-)

Thank you buddy.

Oh! Wow! You're so kind @rossenpavlov :-) :-) :-) more blessings for you!
I will be grateful if you'll promote my post, too. Thank you so much!

This is a very generous offer, @rossenpavlov ! I would love it if you'd promote this post I made about my (potentially life changing) Ted Talk about the pineal gland turning into a hard Calcification in the brain. Really weird stuff and unfortunately a huge detriment to mental health worldwide!


much love!

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I only just qualify (49 rep) and I think you've seen my series on original art before, but I'd really appreciate it if you could promote the most recent one. It's for a good cause also. An amazing artist (@elena2017) is in hospital and she posts a LOT of really beautiful artwork.



Thanks so much, you're a legend!

Thanks a lot for the promotion offer! I am new here so it will be great if you can promote my last post as extra exposure is always more then welcome.
I have upvoted this post and i am following you as well.
My post: https://steemit.com/life/@georgemales/the-story-of-the-four-wifes

great thing your doing here for the community.

Here is my post promote it if you like it


Thanks for stopping by.

Hy i'm new here started just a couple of days ago, i am a dutch coffeshop employe with a passion for Cannabis.


Thanks for you time and energy, i love steemit already, people like you make it even better!

Sure, welcome to Steemit. Promoted your​ post.


Hi a true blue minnow here. If you could I would forever be grateful :)

Thank you for the offer to promote. I would love that. Is it okay if it is an introduction post?

Upped, followed and resteemed.

Yes, why not.

This post has been ranked within the top 50 most undervalued posts in the second half of Jun 16. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $28.54 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Jun 16 - Part II. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

Excellent idea :) Happy to vote up and follow you too.

I wish im the lucky one , who will get a promotion haha

Thankyou :)

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Thanks, mate!

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Nice post, sent you an upvote also.

thank you

Its my 4 day on steemit i am under 40 and i dont have 1 steem power right now please promote my latest post

Awesomesauce! You rock! If you could please promote this, I would be very appreciative! Thanks in advance!!


Thank you for your tip and your offer to help promote content from us minnows..You are really so kind!!

You are one of those that keep the Steemit welcome banner high and flying, and make this community so awesome.

Could you help me to promote this post please?


Wow giveaway again. thanks for previous giveaway. I hope get ur give away again lol.
this is my post :)) https://steemit.com/introducemyself/@atuy12/hello-steemit-i-m-newbie-at-this-place-i-come-to-here-for-finding-give-away-lol

@rossenpavlov thanks for promotion

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@rossenpavlov Permission to copy your post
Thanks sir

This link https://steemit.com/giveaway/@atuy12/giveaway-minnows-i-will-promote-your-posts-for-free-1
Thanks again

hey :) thank you for helping out the minnows like me :D please promote this post https://steemit.com/life/@shehryar113/dubai-desert-safari-makes-1-to-the-lessons-learned-in-life stay blessed :)

oops I have given one with payout due in 5 hours. Please may I use this one instead


Thanks for offering this! Very kind of you! I'd love it if you'd promote this one: https://steemit.com/video/@improv/florasoul


thank you very gracious of you. I will aim to copy your initiative when I am at your level. Only thing to keep steem going

Steemit is about sharing.

Please this post that i just wrote; https://steemit.com/science/@casparleuzinger/what-is-time-my-approach-to-the-question
thank you very much @rossenpavlov and please read it too :)

I will.

Thanks! :)

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Cool ! Help them all !

I like to have my car clean too, where can I get that? 100% upvoted @chanthasam

You know hot girls and promotion go​ hand in hand.

Those girls can promote my car, anytime

Really appreciate your action and motive. Here's a link to one of my original posts, I'd be grateful if you consider promoting it. Thank you!

looks like you forgot to put the link.

If you don’t mind @rossenpavlov I have a question and can’t think of anyone better to ask. I noticed that sometimes a comment will appear from someone in a post, that will immediately attract a large number of upvotes and, from what I can tell, those are always the same people voting. Sometimes the post itself will get less upvotes/revenue than the comment. I suspect that it’s people’s bots that are set that way: to somehow always vote for someone’s comments, but I just wonder: how is it achieved? I mean, the guy that I have in mind, his comment are not meaningless, I grant him that, but to always attract more votes than the posts themselves seems a little over the top to me. Do you know anything about how that is possible? I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

Yes, it's bots and auto voting​ guilds​. I'm really against that.

Oh ok, thanks. Kind of drives me nuts actually. Landed on my post once; I felt cheated. Then I saw the same thing happening to some people who I follow. Really not fair. Off the topic: Moby's new output didn't impress me, but like you said, he can do anything at this point. Cheers!

Just stay away from autovting and bots, they will leave you alone eventually. You could also politely​ ask to stop taking away the curatio​n rewards from your other commenters.

Ok, thanks, appreciate it!

Silly me :) Thanks for pointing it out!

Hey @rossenpavlov , lovely innitative. I spent a good amount of time earlier this week writting the following post that didn't reach that many people, https://steemit.com/storytelling/@denthir/the-parts-we-overlook-in-stories-are-its-best-bits . If you're up for it I'd love the help :)

you're a real man!!! thank you for helping me with the this post
Cool, Cool !!!

OK, no problem, I also resteemed it, something I do very rarely, but the post is really good!

First of all, thank you for your generosity.
Secondly, I was under 50 (Reputation) just an hour ago and became 50 now.
Thirdly, today is the day 10 of my Steemit journey. I do not have even 10 Steem Power right now.

Please promote my latest post (which you will find to be valuable). Here's the link please.


Thank you!

Sure thing.

Thank you very much! I love Steemit even more!

I would really appreciate a promotion also. Having a hard time reaching people with my posts although those who read them, like them.

Man, you are awesome! Upvoted and followed. This is my latest piano piece.. would love if you could promote it:

This is a great initiative! Thanks for the support, here is my post.

Great Initiative rossen!
Could you please promote this post of mine:

Thanks in advance! Keep doing these type of giveaways for us minnows! upvoted and followed!

Well, here I am with my first post. It's a 50-word story for a contest.


Thank you so much for this!


Thanks! Do you think I should pay a little to promote? This is my first post and I want it to do reasonably well. I don't want to see a really bad performance, when I know it's good. Appreciate any advice.

Promoting always help. You can promote with 0.001 SBD so anyone can do it. I promoted your post already.

Oh wow, thank you so much!

Do you think I should promote in a couple of other categories? May be in 'writing' and 'steemit' category?

And thanks for taking the time to respond to my questions.

Do it.