Steembasicincome Free Enrollment - Free lifetime upvotes - 5 person Giveaway

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@steembasicincome is a lifetime upvote bot. All you need to do is send 1 steem and the @steemitusername in the memo to enroll 1 person. That person will get 1 share of the upvotes from the profile. This isn't the only program out there that im involved in i will mention the other below. For more info on @steembasicincome check out their post

I want to get more shares in the program myself so i am giving away 5 spots for free. I will send 5 steem to @steembasicincome for 5 lucky commenter/followers. This will enable you to get a free upvote for life from the program. It isn't much today .01-.02 an upvote but in the future it will be worth much more. If you would like to participate all you have to do is comment something. It doesn't matter what but the best comments will win. Once the post has paid out the lucky winners will be notified via .001 memo transfer of SBD.

If you would like to try another program that costs 1 SBD to get upvotes for life check out this blog from @upv4life

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I really like the steembasicincome idea where shares can be donated and I'm always on the look out for initiatives on Steemit that provide a predictable rate of upvotes as they are extremely valuable for any content creator on steemit in the long run. Steembasicincome surely is one of them and I have got a couple shares allready.

There are some other initiatives I experienced as an overall better value proposition that you might want to take a look at if you are looking for more guaranteed upvotes. I will have a look at @upv4life myself and maybe join them also.

@make-a-whale A group that supports good content creators who have at least 500SP+ and 50 reputation, they have a very good scalable approach as the group only gets opened for new members when they can be supported or when a spot comes free. right now we are 72 members and and daily upvote is worth around 1$. (They require a minimum daily upvote on their post of your SP / 500)
@qurator They require 4 STEEM to register. Upvoting 7 of their posts in a week gives a daily 0.53$ upvote right now. This can be increased by leasing some SP to Them. Being a member gives you access to their upvote bot service @qustodian
@feedyourminnows Also an initiative that gives daily upvotes (0.04$ now). Lifetime membership can be bought for 1 STEEM or an upvote can get a season membership.

Thanks for hosing this contest! I've had an itch to add steembasicincome as part of the payout on my contest aswell but can't purely based on the numbers right now.


Thanks for this i will sign up to all of them as i love upvotes for life. Too bad MAW isn't accepting new people at the moment.


It looks like some spots will be opened up, I'm sure you can ask to be on the waiting list and get a spot once it's available again.


That's awesome info. I'll have to check these out too.

Man @furiouspete123 is here and some more 1mil Plus subs from youtube are here we will make a change in mentality we can win guys all with me Steemit!!!
More people know about steemit!!!

Wow Very Generous!! Thank You Manosteel! And I Didn't Know That Kind Of Stuff Even Existed!


Just trying to help some people out and spread the word on some good programs that are still kinda new.


So All I Have To do to be entered is comment?


yep you are entered :). I honestly don't get much interaction from my posts but we will see on this. You will probably win in other words.

Thanks for giving us such a chance. I will be happy my movie posts/reviews to be promoted way more and my audience to grow. Will be honor if I am one of the chosen. Good luck to everyone. Best wishes, Sveto.

I think this is a great initiative it's like a #payitforward upvote bot. Each person helping anpth er steemian which in turn helps them and so forth. I plan on paying it forward as soon as I can swap my SBD for Steem. Which to be honest is why the upv4life sounds interesting, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for a win but go forth and help myself and others while I wait. 😉

happy steeming on

I love @steembasicincome and would love to have another share! Someone sponsored me and I paid it forward! It is a great program!! ❤

Great contest! I love the SteemBasicIncome Project and am looking to get some shares myself! Thank you for the contest! @manosteel211

I was sponsored by someone I just met in steemit. a very good person. his name @atnicholson,
I do not know the reason why I deserve to be sponsored. can only thank him for his kindness and generosity.

I am one of those people who invite some people to join steemit, explaining what is steemit and how it works. many are already starting to join, some are still confused about what to do, what to post, how it works so their reputation can go up. sometimes when they post something, the $ 0.02 figure becomes commonplace, sometimes making their spirits disappear. when they first joined, their enthusiasm was smoldering.

I am impressed with this post, want to help them, but I do not have enough money or steem. I who joined more first about a week than they feel sad. I just hope with me to comment on this post who knows, they are one who can be assisted. we want to form a powerful community of steemit, which has a strong family fabric. help each other, understand each other. push each other. because this is the real core of STEEMIT.
I am grateful if they get sponsorship from you


thank you for your kindness @manosteel211
I have a chance to help them, so I use them as well

I would love to have another share though your giveaway. I think this is a great idea and very helpful to minnows. A vote is a vote in this place!

I just signed up my son @bxlphabet, and we are both putting @steembasicincome on our @steemdunk so that we upvote the posts. Our votes are not big either, but at least it is something!

Thanks so much for this generosity of yours. @hefziba gave me one share. Still trying to raise steem to register others. I will appreciate it if am one of the lucky winners. Thanks

Thank you for such a generous contribution to the Steemit community!

Thanks for the contest :)

I’m starting my own give away very soon too. I’ll be giving away children’s books 📚 📖.

It is a great project and I would love an extra share too! :-) Good luck on building your Steemit blog more! :-)

Hi @manosteel211, I'd like to express my appreciate in putting yourself out and help the newbies. As I am a newbie myself, seeing you investing your effort and resources to help us is very touching and felt rewarding at times. That our effort doesn't go unseen, but appreciated and assisted. Thank you so so much @manosteel211.

I'd like to participate in this and I wish all of us the best of luck, and you too, @manosteel211 :)

Thank you , Gracias , Merci , Danke , Grazie , Obrigado , Xiexie , Shukran , Spasiba , Arigatuo , Tack..........................We are the world.

Thanks for the chance at a share in Steem basic income. It really is a great initiative to help smaller accounts!

I like the idea that a universal basic income is generated on the Steemit platform by some having to post something (i.e. still do 'work') and getting an upvote as a result (although this can probably still be done by a bot in the form of a comment). And it is great that you are telling people about this. Perhaps also use the #newbieresteemday tag to get more exposure to newcomers that would be looking for this type of information :)

I would love to be a receiptent of a free spot you're offering. I am trying to make a living strictly through my creative work geared at raising awareness about marine conservation. I am a huge proponent of universal basic income in real life and I am excited to see such a program rolling out first here on steemit. Thank you for considering choosing me!

Thanks for running this contest. I hope I win. You are a very nice guy.

@steembasicincome is great and the more shares you have the better it works and so I sponsor others whenever I have the opportunity

Good luck everyone!

This is an awesome giveaway. Very generous of you! I'm letting everyone at #newbieresteemday so hopefully you'll get a lot more entrants.

I hope it's my lucky day. I congratulate with holiday

Okok... I volunteer to help you get one of your 5 shares in @steembasicincome. Feel free to use my name....this time! ;)

Not sure what to comment here, but here's a Capybara hanging out with ducks and turtles:

Thanks for this opportunity.

Me, my partner and my dogs would be very grateful to win on this one. And I would certainly do something nice back when I'm able to do so. So thumbs up for this post, very nice initiative to set something like this on steemit. I'll pray for the best ...

Hey, I wanted to thank you for this opportunity. I'm hoping I can win because I have dedicated my work for the most part to helping others learn crypto and various other things. I am an excellent teacher and passionate about seeing Steemit grow, so I would make a good addition to the communities you guys have set up. I'm not looking to be taken in to get the upvotes, I'm looking to be taken in so I can reach more people and help the Steemit platform grow. Please consider me :)

Check out my work @terminallyill