Daily giveaway #0003 Result

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The joy you get when doing something great and good can not be compared with anything else.
It feels good to be kind to others.
We have started and we would continue to do it.
Every 24 hours, A new set of beneficiaries will emerge from our daily giveaway.
These are the second set of winners

Although in the first giveaway we recorded 12 winners and in the second we had 10 winners. now we have 7.
We hope and expected the number of winners to increase everytime

You can read of the first giveaway here

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Our aim is to support as many minnows as possible.
Every 24 hours we will share the total SBD generated from this post with all who follow @jammey, resteem this post and upvote.
To be be able to partake in it, you have 24 hours to follow, resteem and upvote

The SBD will be shared equally among all the Upvoter but for you to benefit from it your steempower must be less than 500 but what if it's more than 500, why shouldn't you upvote.
By upvoting you will be helping a lot of minnows.
So upvote and support as many people that will upvote this post.

Payment to the second gave had been sent to the beneficiaries, you can view the post here


A total of 4.05 SBD will be shared equally among 7 beneficiaries
In our first giveaway, each person went away with 0.29 and in the second one, they went away with 0.308
Now the beneficiaries will be getting 0.57

We appreciate all the whales that Upvoted this post, please continue to support all minnows with your upvote @gigafart, @darkflame @yoganarchista and others that we can not mention.

Out next SBD giveaway starts in few minutes and upvote after 24 hours will not be recorded
So we implore you to stick around, follow our blog so as to know when next we will be giving it out.

please upvote and resteem in preparation of the next giveaway

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Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! Readers might be interested in similar content by the same author:

I like this post, you have my vote, by the way,
thank you for stopping by and voting on one of my post
really appreciate it.I started following you @mannyfig1956


Thanks for the comment sir, be kind enough to help retseem this post sir


Sir, you did not participate in the last one
Watch out for the next one.
help resteem this post

.570 sbd received... thanks


you are welcome glad i was able to help

This is awesome oo


I hope you got ypurs

Good works brother for new steemer which well help us alot thank you


What happened to your reputation

That is so kind of you
Am new here,i just followed you and will do as requested


Thanks so much
I appreciate

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Honestamente todo lo que has dicho no tiene sentido.
No digamos basura porque queremos comentar
Por favor, déjenos tiene valor para steemit


You do not want to face the wrath of my bunghole!!

Upvoted and resteemed so please count me in!


The next giveaway is coming up soonest.
Stay close