Take a chance to win up to 300 hive delegation every week (burn spt cards)

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Hi players,
Almost a year ago I stopped playing Splinterlands but now I'm back. The game changed from how I remembered it but i still love it.
At the moment I have few cards but luckily I am have some hives.
From here I came up with a nice idea: why not lend my hive to those who need it in exchange for some cards.

How does it work:

To participate, simply send a card to the splinterlands account: jacksartori.
Each card sent will be counted as an entry, the more cards you send the greater the probability of winning.
When this post expires (7 days), I will randomly choose a winner who will receive a delegation for one week.


Player A sends 7 cards while Player B only 3. Total cards played: 10 (7+3). Player A will have a 70% chance of winning (7 entries) while Player B only 30% (3 entries).

Prize table

Total cards Hive delegation for 1 week
0-10 50
11-20 100
21-30 150
31-40 200
41-50 250
> 51 300

Important: if you partecipate here on steemit and also on hive your entry will be considered one

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