Honolulu's 100 % Free SBD Giveaway #18 #19 - 28/09/2017 -100 % SBD - Payoutreport! - Check my blog for more Giveaways !

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Honolulu's 100 % Free SBD Giveaways

Hello fellow Steemers/Steemians !

There happened a little twist today !

I confused 2 posts for payout ;(

So everybody who received the payout with caption

https://steemit.com/giveaway/@honolulu/honolulu-s-100-free-sbd-giveaway-18-19-21-09-2017-100-sbd-payoutreport-check-my-blog-for-more-giveaways yesterday

was participating in


and received payout for this ;)

but no problem...

Payout for #18/#19 was done today...

The still missing payouts on further Giveaways will be made one after another... Sorry for inconvience !

Soon Come !

Don't be afraid - I do all the payouts but slightly delayed - you will receive your rewards - as you always did - Honolulu is not in Steemit for Scam ! - it is a lot of work because I do all the transfers manually.

Thanks for your patience !

check for more infos:



Kind regards


*** Resteem ! + Follow.png + Upvote ! ***


I hope everyone appreciates your positive vibes and goodwill as much as I do.



Thanks... hope so, too ;) Energy never gets lost ;)

Ah, the Law of Conservation.

That's so "physics-esque" - I love to make-up words...

Man of many talents, huh?



So I guess Steemit may be the right place for you - I determined creativity is evoked, appreciated and supported there ;)

Avoke - to call from or back again.

I must confess, I had to look that up....




ha ha, that's funny... I like the meaning of avoke and wanted excactly to use this - but was not too sure avoke really existed ;) so I changed it to evoke ;)

Be the enigma my friend.

Change it back to "avoke"!





Thank you ;)

Upvoted, re$teemed & following!

Thank you ;)

Stay Strong, Press On and Charge the Hill!

Thank you ;)

@honolulu i think their a program that does it for you

You think there is a programm for the Payouts ? that would be nice - Didn't find one 'til today

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Thank you ;)

Thank you ;)

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