Dogecoin Quick Grab (200 Doge, 1 claim) CLOSED

in giveaway •  last year  (edited)

Greetings Steemian's

Dogecoin Quick Grab.

1 claim 200 Doge. Upvote, resteem, then post your address.

Much love,


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I'm always too late! But I will get you soon lol! Still, think it fab what you do! I must also point out I told @philippekiene about you first lol. He talks about you all the time. It's like you live in Cambodia with us lol.

This comment made my day! You two are great! Me and @philippekiene have some great talks and laughs. I'm so happy to have you two as friends. 😄 Thank you for stopping by @mumma-monza!

lol, So Basically this is @mumma-monza's way of saying "He's my friend, I found him first!".
But really, She's just letting you know it's her fault you have to put up with me everyday!
She's sitting next to me now, starting a who's your best friend competition... It's like primary school all over again.... she's literally learning over my should to write her reply lol.

Hahaha you two are awesome!!!

fu.png @philippekiene. You just be jelly I find all the awesome people on Steemit like @futuremind first! Actually, @philippekiene is right! I must thank you have to put up with him all day not be. But I must be brutally and the @spl have utterly destroyed my sex life!

OMG nooooooooooooooo

It is true. He has almost moved into the loungeroom. He tag teams between steemit, @spl and the playstation....... If I need him, it's best to message on Discord for the quickest reply!
Shit be real! I need a hug.png

I can't figure out how you post comments, play poker, talk on discord, and take care of your wife's need's all at the same time. You are a true prodigy my friend!!!

hey idot.png
@futuremind he isn't! Read again....... then tell me you're my bestie not his lol!

Well....You're so convincing I suppose I cannot deny You're my bestie

whats happening right now


Sorry futuremind became confused. I thought I was talking to philippe there.... @spl is doing things to my brain right now ...

Oh are two of the same kind! you had one job.png

hahaha! lmao

spl and sleep deprivation hahaha

Lol, wish steemit had notifs.

they do, download steemify and set it to follow this account

Thank you @felander. I didn't know this!

Thank you :)


holy shit thats cool lol


200 Dogecoin sent. Current market value 0.85 cents USD.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Thanks @futuremind!

You're welcome :)

Did i win? DP5isCfpH5Pi6HWD3wiPdCx86nVQ7C5VQF

You were 30 seconds too late. So sorry

Hopefully I'll be quicker next time! What a cool thing to do!

Thank you for the praise! I hope you catch a future giveaway. Good luck, and best wishes to you!

too late again damn I think I need a bot for this... not humanly possible for me to copy my dodgeaddress and resteem your post in time lol

I used to run a daily giveaway, when people started obviously using forms of bots, it made it impossible for some people to ever get a chance. If I suspect people are using bots again, I will stop the giveaways. Keep in mind that I run multi seat giveaways as well, sometimes with as many as 10 seats. I am sure you will get a claim if you are on steemit regularly. Let's keep it fair though. Botting is akin to cheating with these giveaways. Better luck next time friend.

Botting is akin to cheating with these giveaways

100% agreed