Dogecoin Slow Grab (200 Doge, 2 claims) OPEN

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Greetings Steemian's

That's right, you read the title correctly. Dogecoin Slow Grab.

You guys really outdid yourselves with the quick grabs. In fact, some claimers were so quick, that before the post even showed up on Steemworld, an address was already posted. Much Wow, that is fast indeed. I commend you for your fastness by which ever means you made it happen, it was truly impressive, but it saddens me to see the same people missing out day after day, so we're gonna put the quickies in the back seat for now, and do it slow ⚆ _ ⚆
That's right shibe's, slow and steady.

2 claims, 50 Doge for the first claim, and 150 for the second claim. UPVOTE, RESTEEM, then post your address.

Don't be so quick to bust that address off (¬‿¬) You might get a bigger payload.

Much love,



some claimers were so quick, that before the post even showed up on Steemworld, real shit bro😀😀 last time when I seen your give away post like 30 sec after posted when I rush to my note copied my wallet address .. caappum 20 + wallet addresses already there .. lol i was like wht the truck.. lol

No worries, myself and a friend are cooking something up. If it works out the way we're planning everyone will have equal chance, and it will be juicy. Fingers crossed 😄

The liquidity of doge coin is remarkable. Since i started in with crypto a couple years back it is doge which i have used the most. Not a single problem or issue, low miner fees, and talk about consistent lightening fast transfer times, In my mind it really is the big bitcoins wild sidekick. Yknow joke em if they cant take a f#$k 6A4B5FFA-2B39-4292-A3BC-E5AC439826FF.gif

Dogecoin is also the coin I have used more than any other, and it is my absolute favorite, for all the reasons you just listed here. Much love!!!!!! (ᵔᴥᵔ)


lol they stalled hard , thank you i'm happy with 50 :)

Indeed, bro. At least someone was able to get their hands on some. Thanks for stopping by. I will figure out a way to make it more fair. Perhaps we will start playing Dogecoin hangman on the blockchain or something...idk

Thank you

Well played. Stay tuned for more variations. 150 sent.


Sorry my friend, you were too late. Stay tuned for more variations. I will figure out a way to give everyone equal chance.

Think openledger takes doge: one-more-shot

oh, see I was to late. Maybe next time.