Introducing "Find The Joker" Game #1 - Fun Giveaway Contest

in giveaway •  5 months ago

Hello Steemians!

Introducing New Card Game: "Find The Joker"

Let's have fun playing this Fun Card Game called " Find The Joker"... This can run successfully only by your upvotes.

How To participate?

I will show 10 cards in a picture. Within 10 cards, there will be a joker hiding or there may be no joker also. Each card is given its positions. You need to guess which card is a joker.

Example. If you feel the card in 9th place is a joker, then comment "card 9 or just 9". If you feel there is no joker in given 10 cards, then comment - " No Joker"

I will reveal the picture with the answer while announcing the winner.

Let's play Find The Joker #1 - Picture



  • Upvote this post is a must
  • Resteem this post
  • Post your answer in the comment section
  • Only 1 Entry per account
  • Follow above rules to qualify as a participant.
  • Winner will be announced on the 4th day of the post after publishing.

If 2 or more people guess the correct answer, I will pick 1 winner randomly and reward them with 0.5 SBD. If the post gets a good response with more votes, the reward pool will increase.

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