I Will Be Away From Steemit For 2 Weeks + Free Upvotes As A Farewell

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Hello Everyone I Hope You Have A Great Time!

In case you don't know i am for "vacations" in my village where i have no internet! Till now i used a laptop one of my little cousins have when he was sleeping or in general i managed to trick him :P. My cousin leaves tomorrow and so does the laptop alongside the internet so in other words i will be absent from Steemit for about 2 weeks.

On the one hand i don't wanna leave steemit for that long cause i kinda use to it and everyday that i check my feed, feels like i am reading a newspaper or sort. On the other hand though, i will take a big break not only from steemit but generally from internet and i will enjoy the quietness and peacefulness my Village provides. 

So for those 2 weeks if you see no upvotes or no comments in your posts from me, no hard feelings it isn't on purpose, i still love you guys!

Because of that i waited to gather again 100% voting power so just leave any comment(except spam ofc) and i"ll upvote it with 50%-100% of my voting power till it goes to 0 for the next hour. If i still have some voting power after the timeline i will just upvote posts or comments of the ones i follow

At 100% now it only gives 0,10$, at least it's not 0, i will "prioritize" people that i know, see you guys in 2 weeks!

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Bye bye, take care!

We all need time off!

Have a good holiday! Cheers!

Καλη αποτοξινωση! :Ρ


2 weeks, looks like it's going to be a long time for you buddy. Well spending time in a serene place does have its charm so I think you will get by just fine lol

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Hope you will still know how to use the internet when you come back...lol, wish you an awesome time my friend...see you in two.

Καλά να περάσεις!!! Η απομάκρυνση απο το διαδύκτιο είναι δείγμα καλής πνευματικής και φυσικής υγείας και συμβάλλει στην επανασύνδεση του ανθρώπινου εγκεφαλου με την φυσική (και αναπόφευκτη) πραγματικότητα. Απόλαυσέ την και μη βιαστείς να επιστρέψεις... σκέψου μονάχα οτι σύντομα αν όχι ήδη, οποιαδήποτε δραστηριότητα έξω απο τον εικονικό κόσμο του διαδικτύου θα αποτελεί εως και ακραία πολυτέλεια!... (σε κοινωνίες του μελλοντος ισως και παρανομία ή παραβατική συμπεριφορά) Καλές διακοπές φίλτατε!!!

Have a nice 2 weeks sir!

Καλά να περάσεις..... και προσοχή στο πολύ φαΐ.... :ppppp

enjoy your vacation man. sometimes you just gotta be disconnected and feel free!
have a chance to be absolutely bored and relaxed 😎
ill see you when you get back.

See you again in 2 weeks and Enjoy! :)

I don't know if I can actually do that, no access to the internet for 2 weeks lol

Have a good holiday! I hope you come back with pleasure at the end of your vacation. It has always been hard for me to come back.

Awwww, please enjoy @filotasriza3
I experienced no internet for a week before, it was the most productive days of my life AHHHAHAHHA
We'll wait for your return <3

Have a nice vacation, bud! Take your time coming back, but don't be a stranger once you do :D

Enjoy your vacation!