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Guess where is this photo is taken from (it’s taken today, a couple of hours ago) First correct answer wins 10 STEEM. 😊

you can pick two cities (per acc) check comments for leads

Edit: we have a winner, correct answer was Lisboa/Lisbon, Portugal.


Lead one: City is in EU borders

Feels like...Europe...Italy?

Close, kind of :-)

But you need guess the city - 2 picks are ok :-) more shot?


Nagaoka, Niigata Japan?

Japan is on my wish list, couldnt have a chance to visit yet, you can pick one more guess.

Budapest ;/

Great city with great hot baths but not the correct city for this post. Pick one more :-)

Ok ... last one ...

We have a winner (okean123) it was Lisbon :)

Zaragoza😄 , Marbella 😄

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Geliyorum brkle

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This looks like GTA V haha, so Los Angeles?

lol, no, its not LA :) pick one more city!

Lisboa :)


Are you at the Hotel Vila Galé Ópera?

Wouw, great detective work! We have a winner, congrats! I’ll send the funds in a couple of days when I have access to the wallet :)

And no, not staying at that hotel. This was taken on a bridge looks like Golden gate (SF). (Ponte 25 was the name I believe)