Steem Power Giveaway #5 - Completely Free!

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I'm giving away a total of 400 SP!

It's that time again! The first of the month. In my last giveaway one month ago, I decided that since I have to write a large check for rent and give it to the landlord on the first of every month, I reckon I will also give money away to Steemians as that feels way better inside.

What's the catch?

Nothing. There is no catch. I've been lucky to have found this community and able to contribute and add value. So this is my way of saying thanks to the community.

A small catch.

Instead of giving you STEEM directly, I will instead power it up to your account. Haha. Basically, I am forcing you to believe in Steem. =P But who knows? Maybe Steem will go the way of Bitcoin and you'll be glad. However, if you really want to, you may power it down, your choice.

Great! Sign me up!

Simple rules (Slow the Scroll!

  • Set a profile picture if you don't already have it. It's super easy and I had even submitted a code change to add the Settings menu item! At least set it to something generic if you want to keep it generic.
  • And leave a comment to complete the following: I am ________________


  • Only the first 400 will be eligible. I don't want to divide it up too much. (If there are others with extra STEEM to share, I would encourage you to spread the love as well, following this.) If there are less than 400 participants, then the 400 SP will be divided up evenly among the participants.
  • Please check the number of submissions before trying to enter. If there are already 400, I'm sorry. But you may still leave a comment if you have thoughts or anything else.
  • One submission per person.
  • Giveaway ends after first post payout, in about 24 hours, for easy checking.
  • Please follow all rules! I would hate to not count a submission for this.


  • Now that we have the feature, resteem to spread the love! Let's see how many Steemians we can reach!


Follow me! @bitcoiner


And vote for my witness bitcoiner!

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I am loving steemit
I really mean it
I live it, rather
I write poems without bother
every day
and I am here to stay!

Thank you very much for the opportunity! (I love that you will power up the winners, I am working on powering up my account too.)

I am also planning some giveaways here, if i ever have the time to implement them!

I am,.....trying to bring peace, and abundance, to a world trapped by crapitalistic power mad psychopaths that control the information available to the mainstream mind.

I am... in Acapulco. Well, it may not mean much to you but it does to me.

I am ________________Very Frank

I am happy for Steem.

I'm a fan of work

I am ogochukwu

i am coocoo for cocoa puffs - and steem

I am motivated

I am Steemit believer, started from the bottom now we're here :)

I am here, too.

I'm a creative author, who values imagination, freedom, and intelligence.

I am lazy. :)

I am happy to be part of Steemit. :)

I am fair to middling thank you

I am .....? Ooh yes I am here in this page from @bitcoiner

i am way to cool to be true

I am Alive!

I am so tired right now. Should be sleeping because I have to wake up early.

I am he

I am in love with Steemit

I am a fan of @bitcoiner

I am a Steemian believer been here for nearly 6 months started with 10SP

I am still blogging in Singapore on steemit after more than 7 months.

I am... in a very good mood. :)


I am...a happy man.

I am a dreamer

I am....using my knowledge and experience to educate the steemit community toward financial freedom!

I am a DRAGON!!!!!

I am...your new subscriber! :)

I am here to stay :)

I am hoping for a big year in steem. I just started using the platform again.

I am not going to leave Steemit. I am here to stay.

I am new to steem. The content I have seen so far has been great!

I am...Broke. Otherwise I would be buying a shitload of STEEM at ฿0.00008076.

I Am @mestyz

I am Jazzed!

I am looking for more Steem Power - simple as that. 😉 😊

I am that I am and that's all that I am

I am da bes.

I am Steemcollator. I am Looking for better ways to collect steem for the future

I am Batman!

I believe in the blockchain and steemit . The future for them. So I'm here. Forward! In an interesting future!

I am ... just curious!

I am a believer in the idea behind Steemit.
As to how the actual implementation works out - well, that remains to be seen.

I am... an average American who works too much and doesn't take enough time to enjoy life! I intend to change that some day! Thanks.

I am intrigued. This interests me.

I am a gamer and broke :) otherwise I would be buying a lot of STEEM it´s so cheap at the moment ^^

I am Angels :)

Be blessed

I am watching everyone all of the time. Evil laugh.

I am happy about this post!

I am excited about the possibilities....

I am who I am

I am, buying more Steem as the price goes lower.

I am sticking with seem! I wish so many didn't flood the markets!

I love!

I am still getting to know the ropes and am having a blast along the way!

I am.... Moving back to Cancun Mexico, to spread the knowledge of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and Steemit.

Even if I don't win anything, you should be commended for your spreading of positivity in the community...if no one has said it already...thank you @bitcoiner.

I am excited for the future of steemit.

i am...happy! :)

I am hoping I am not too late ;)

I am really happy to be curating the @gardening-trail and the @foraging-trail here on Steemit. There are some great gardeners and stellar foragers here on Steemit.

I am hoping I still get counted!

I am surprised by your decision ) @stranger27

I'm fast.

I am checking out

Thanks for the POWER:)

Wow thanks you are a really nice guy!


Thank you for the sent STEEM!

I'm... late LOL

I never saw this post til today, shoot LOL.

Have a nice week everyone.