A New Way To Pay It Forward - Tipping Active Followers 0.001 SBD Giveaway - Expires In 7 Days

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I have been weighing up a new strategy for rewarding my active followers for participation in active follower giveaways.

I am thinking of using @msg768's tipper tool at https://rawgit.com/msg768/mysteemit/master/tipper.html
to make an automated payment of 0.001 or more which is going to save me a lot of time and effort processing manual payments.

I will be "Paying It Forward" by paying a tip of 0.001 SBD upfront and I will be asking all who read this to also Pay It Forward by Upvoting, Following and Resteeming if Possible... plus if you are one of those who received the upfront tip you are actually Paying it Back by Upvoting LOL.

This is going to mean 3 things:

1.) I am more likely to keep doing these giveaways on an ongoing basis.

2.) More followers are going to find out about the giveaways as I can include a message with the tip.

3.) Active followers are going to get their payout sooner.

There are a few problems with this strategy however:

1.) According to the tipper tool, only 601 out of my current 914 followers have been active on Steemit in the last week.

2.) Out of those 601 followers, it is likely that only a few hundred will see the tip message and upvote.

3.) As it will cost me about $1.20 to make the tip to 601 followers, it is likely to be a losing proposition for me.

So here is how I'm going to test this strategy:

1.) I am going to post this message today and send a tip of 0.001 SBD to 380 active followers (those active in the last 24 hours).

2.) That 0.001 SBD tip will be the only payment made for this Post.

3.) In the next 7 days, I will evaluate how much Author Reward has been generated by this Post.

4.) Based on whether the Author Reward exceeds the 0.76 SBD that the tip cost me, there will be another Post and a new tip as soon as that amount has been generated. Hopefully, that will be at around the 1000 follower mark and will be the 1000 Follower Giveaway.

5.) Then we go through the same cycle again and repeat the process at 1100 or 1200 followers.
Hopefully, going forward, there will be no more need for manual payments after the 1000 Follower Giveaway.

So: here's how you can help make this strategy successful for yourself and all other followers of @auskiwi :

1.) Upvote to make this post profitable.

2.) Follow @auskiwi if you are not already a follower.

3.) Resteem this Post to get more exposure to this Giveaway.

4.) Stay following and active on Steemit, and you will continue to be rewarded for your loyalty as an active follower.

5.) If this new strategy is enough of a success, I will consider increasing the payout to 0.002 for the next Giveaway.

Once again, thank you to all my active and loyal followers, and may the Steem be with you!

You will of course also earn a Curation Reward for your Upvote in addition to the 0.001 SBD so it's a Win-Win.

You can validate that this is a genuine Giveaway at https://steemit.com/@auskiwi/transfers

As before, this Giveaway offer expires after 7 days.

PS if you haven't done so already, please Upvote the 900 Follower Giveaway for 0.002 SBD before it expires on September 3:


Update: The tipper tool seems to be out of action for the moment, so the upfront tip will be delayed until it is up again.
The good news is, if you follow and upvote now, you will get the first upfront tip as a new follower :)

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Thank you for doing this!

As a minnow, I can use all the help I can get! :)

Great post for new steemer thanks you for doing it


Great initiative!! I've received a few tips already from you!! So thanks!! Upvoted and Resteemed!!

If you enjoy creative and unique memes, photography, food, health tips, or cryptocurrency, please make sure to follow me at @simplifylife


Thank you! It's a surprise to see an unexpected gift from you before I turn in for tonight... Thanks again. Upvoted and resteemed. :)

you got it!

Upvoted and resteemed. Thanks for the tip!


Beep beep. Hi @oasis-in-arizona!
You have used tip! in your comment - that`s my magic word for sending tips ;)
Click here if you wish to learn more!

thanks in advance!

Thank you my friend...

I follow and resteemed. Great way to reward your followers. Thanks in advance ;)


Upvoted, resteemed, tweeting for a few days and posted in the steemit chat promo broad. Thank you for helping us grow!

Thanks for Paying It Forward

Thanks to you, really i follow yours post, great

It's really awesome that you are Paying Forward for what you earned @auskiwi even as a minnow. I am very sure you will do great things in the future!

Cool Idea! I upvoted and am now following you!

Thank you!

Do not use that tiper tool...I dot think that you will like it!

20 upvotes done
keep the good work and energy