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Hello there, Welcome to the 14th edition of my giveaway initiative post.

I had earlier announced the result of the 13th edition of this giveaway and you can check it out here

This post marks the start of the 14th edition, whose results I will announce next week Saturday or Sunday.

Created by me

Lets go through how this giveaway works;

The Rules

  1. Your account must have less than 100SP (any current delegation is taken into consideration).

  2. You must not be delegating Steem Power to another account.

  3. You must have never powered down.

  4. I should be convinced that you have long terms goals on Steem.

How to Participate

Leave a short comment about your intention to participate. Do so on or before Saturday, 6 am UTC/GMT.

How it Works

  • This giveaway post will come up either on a Saturday or Sunday of every week.

  • There will be one winner each week and you can either win 50SP or 100SP to use for 4 weeks.

  • 50SP will be prize if the winner has less than 100SP and 100SP will the prize if the winner is active on the blockchain but has less than 50SP. The SP is only considered at the time when the prize is about to be giving out.

  • The winner will be an entry account that I find to be overall best in these categories; producing the best content, the best interaction and the best behavior on Steem.

  • I can equally choose to give some SP to other participants at my credit.

List Of All Previous Winners

  1. @nassimal - 50SP
  2. @chwaqas - 50SP
  3. @goodguymate - 100SP
  4. @mzsocialssmit - 100SP
  5. @rawbirdtoe - 50SP
  6. @skrjifen - 50SP
  7. @dragonblades - 100SP and @steem-diva - 25SP (bonus)
  8. @banterwords - 50SP
  9. @komoniok - 100SP
  10. @hungryharish - 50SP
  11. @maxwellmarcusart - 100SP
  12. @extractum-lunae - 100SP and @dkkarolien - 20SP (bonus)
  13. @deantonio - 50SP


Gentle Reminder

This giveaway is in correspondence to the @contestking rules 👊 thus, no follow, upvote or resteem is required to enter the giveaway. Feel free to do these at your will.


Participants from previous giveaways: @tega-utos heliophoeli @indian033 @kufray @tita-annie @kendrawing @theatheia

Tag on request: @edgarare1 @jeanlucsr @simplymike @brittandjosie

PS: if you would like me to tag you along with subsequent giveaway posts, do tell me in a comment.

Get your entries in!

written by @akomoajong with love for Steem and support from @shortcut @bleepcoin @leeuw @jennimorillo @neoxian

@akomoajong 25/05/2019

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@kendra19 try to check this post,read and understand what to do.

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Thank you for tagging me in.

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I wish participate here.
Thanks for your giveaway

Entry accepted!

PS: don't forget to check out the recommendation section of this post.

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That´s awesome news..
is working incredible, helping more people on the community, The best for @akomoajong

Have a good day. . . .

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Thank you bro

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@akomoajong, Keep up the supportive and boosting work. Have a pleasant time ahead and stay blessed.

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Thank you bro. I appreciate your support 🙏

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Welcome and have a blessed time ahead.

You too!

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Thank you so much.

🏆 Hi @akomoajong! You have received 0.2 STEEM reward for this post from the following subscribers: @steem12
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Thank you @steem12 @tipu

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Thank you very much :)

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@akomoajong thank u very much.....🤔

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Lol thank you for tipping @tipu :)

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🎁 Hi @tipu! You have received 0.1 STEEM tip from @chwaqas!

@chwaqas wrote lately about: Chwaqas'S Twitter Feed : 2019/05/27 07:04:09 Feel free to follow @chwaqas if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)

This post has received a 3.13 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @sbi-booster.

Thank you dro!

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This is a wonderful contest my friend; I was lucky enough to win a 2-week delegation of 600 SP from @danielsaori and must admit, it certainly makes things easier! I am currently a Moderator for the @steemterminal and have been trying to use this delegation to help elevate the awesome of new Steemians. Conversely, when I am able to find willing interviewees, I am a writer for the @steembasicincome group. I am currently at 87.043 STEEM, after my delegation has expired, and would certainly use it for continued positive influence for new Steemians that "land" at the @steemterminal.

Regardless if I win or not, it's good to see others like yourself, giving Steemians a chance to reach for the stars! You could certainly tag me in subsequent giveaway posts, and shout=out should be given to @shortcut @bleepcoin @leeuw @jennimorillo @neoxian for their support. Thank you again...

Thank you very much Wes. I truly appreciate your words, thanks a lot!

In as much as I'm willing to support you in your great works, I can see you are already well established at a total 813SP ( 87.04 + 726.04 ).

You have on a total of 726SP delegation as follows;

@danielsaori 600.359 SP @old-guy-photos 100.547 SP @partiko 25.132 SP

Rule 1 says;

Your account must have less than 100SP (any current delegation is taken into consideration).

Anyways, suppose you loose these delegations before Saturday, you would qualify for this round.

I'm still a very small stakeholder (1.8k SP) and I'm only targeting users that are facing difficult to post or engage on Steem. I don't have enough SP to be able to support individuals through their amazing initiatives and activities.

Right now, I'm renting an extra 900SP to make sure that I'm able to have at least 1kSP (currently 1,020SP) for my curation activities. This isn't far away from 813SP.

I hope you can understand with me.

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Hello my friend, and yes I understand what you are saying completely. The delegation from @danielsaori expires in two weeks, or...

danielsaori63 600.360 SP 1.197 MVests 2019-05-17, 17:06

...that being the 31st of this month. I only say this because I don't want you to think I am trying to get something for nothing :) You are doing great work here my friend, and when I am able to get high enough Steem Power of my own, I would love to help you, so you can continue to help others!

Love and light!

Alright, that's cool. Thank you!

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Hello Wes,

I'm about to publish the outcome of this week's giveaway. I just checked your account and your delegations are still in place. So, maybe next week.

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Thank you @akomoajong once again. I am very grateful. Your delegation has really helped me to continue steeming without restrictions and RC problem.

I am applying for this delegation because I would love to continue using your delegation knowing fully well that the previous one would soon expire in few days time. I hope you consider my application.

Thank you in anticipation.

You're welcome Max

I just checked and you still have a week. So, your entry can only be accepted in the next giveaway after this one.

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Ok thank you.

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Thank you for signing up for Partiko with my last link 😉

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Oh yeah you were notified right?
I hope you would be rewarded with some points?

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How many Patiko points would one need to redeem Steem?

At the moment, we can only redeem Partiko points for upvotes on posts we make with Partiko and you can see this option at the bottom of your editor when writing your post.

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waw this is awesome I wish to participate here.....
I am a new user on steemit this would help me a lot fo my future on steemit...

Cool, entry accepted!

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