GitHub: a platform to develop software in a collaborative way

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GitHub Allows you to create and save software, and this in turn can be improved and edited by people on the platform
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How does it work?

GitHub creates a version control system (Git) of any software you create, this allows others to make modifications, which are sent to the owner of the software, and the software can take them into account and reprogram the software with the modifications that another user .


  • A wiki of the software versions.
  • A problem tracking system that allows you to detail a problem or suggestion.
  • A code review tool, where annotations are added to a point in a file and make changes to a specific commit.
  • A branch viewer where you can compare the progress made in the different versions of our projects.
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  • Know what are the modifications that are made to the code
  • Allows software version control
  • Modify projects and return to the original project
  • Store all your projects
  • Create software together
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