Girls Without Limits - Esteem Exclusive

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This is definitely a human story. We all love our boys and girls, so it not about supporting any particular sex. Right now we place our spot light on the girls. Why? We want both the strong and the weak to fly, because somehow everyone has a dream. You may think a pre-teen black African girl is seriously disadvantaged by age, race, location and sex, but wait a minute and guess what, the moment these little young girls take off in full flight, the story changes.


I was once that little naive girl say some thirty years ago. I haven't remained there, I have moved, I have grown, I have developed, I have made some progress. I'm not there yet, but I still have a dream. One more thing, it's not just me, there are lots of us, there are also great role models and mentors I know who were just like this little black African girl. They took up wings to fly and became girls without limits. Today, they are the women of whom greatness has been ascribed and we are all proud to be associated with them.


So never underestimate the power of the little black girl. She can do mighty things if you truly love and support her. She is a vessel of greatness just like any other person. But for her to shine, you must pay close attention because she may be fragile, tiny and shy which may not look like the attributes of a star. But without missing words, she is an embodiment of potential greatness. A mustard seed with the power of the oak tree. Equip her and watch her blast off.

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great post dear all boy&girl both are equal and i thing gave full chance to both to do progress in any field and go ahead. i like so much

Every female child is as valuable as a male child. Train up your children irrespective of their gender.

dear i make post to give you thanks and mention your name in it s