Thinking Big: the ultimate questions!

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Did you know that there is no law against thinking big?

Well, as I write this post now something just came to my mind... I can remember listening to a speaker. Then, somewhere along the speech, he stopped looked at his audience dead straight on the eye and asked these questions that I know would be of help to you and I. I would like to ask those same questions, and as I ask them, I really need you to think deep about them in other to truly understand the speaker's intentions for asking.

The Ultimate Questions about Thinking Big
In a very serious voice, he asked:

  • Is there any law against thinking big?

When he asked the above question, something in me was awoken to the fact that thinking big isn't an outlaw or a trespass at the law or at the exiting law of any land.

Then, he asked a similar question:

  • Who told you that thinking big is a sin?

Those this question kind of sounds religious, but again it forced me to think about the way people have submitted their dreams to small thinking.

Small people engage in small thinking ~ProfLee

It's quite obvious that small thinking is for small people. They can't seem to live without thinking small. It is almost impossible to get them to the plate form of big thinking. Well, I think some have fallen in love with small thinking!

Some people are too afraid to think big. To them, thinking big is a grave crime. ~Anonymous

Please, listen and listen good to this:

If thinking big is a crime; be a criminal

Give no consideration to thinking small...


They do not have anything to do with big thinking, they would rather wallow in small thinking all their lives. And if you charge them to think big, they immediately start see you as am intruder.

Dear Steemians, let's shun small thinking or small thoughts.

You read this, I say "thanks" for that!

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