Sheybi You Don Do Yourself?!

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In Nigeria, people have a way of telling someone that he or she got him or herself into trouble; or to express that someone is facing the consequences of his or her actions. It is in vernacular though, and this is it; they will say: "Sheybi you don do yourself?

The Whole Idea Behind Doing Yourself
Well, I think we would have to really understand the whole concept of, "doing yourself". How or what do we mean when we say "you do yourself" to someone whole has just done something not really cool? What do we imply by that local statement in "Naija"?

We the person's action is resulted in an expected or unexpected consequences, it implies the consequences of one's actions has caused harm to the person in question. Do you catch the whole idea behind the thing now? I would like to believe you do.... I would really love to see that you are following up with the whole idea of this post. In fact, I believe you are!

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I want to state a fact right away, I think it would really be of interest to you. And this is it:

Now, I just don't expect you to accept that statement blindly so I am going to spend a few seconds illustrating with this event that happened a few years ago in the company I used to work. Actually, it is a school. I can remember vividly one employee - a very "rough" kind of guy. The proprietress of the school did not like him that much, so she was looking for a way to sack him all to no avail. But after some time, she got the golden opportunity and then, she did what she had planned to do all this while. Yes, you might call it, "just an excuse" to lay the poor guy off. But let me tell you what resulted to the sack mainly.

The owner of the school was searching for her missing stuffs and then she accidentally found some Indian hemp among the guy's stuff. She was so furious finding such stuffs in her school compound, she sacked him immediately.

If it would be alright let me ask this question:

Who made him lose his job? : I think you can accurately guess, he made himself lose the job. That is to say, "he did himself" to say it in vernacular.

By that, I mean he has, by his actions, harmed himself.

Can you see now why I began this writeup with that local Nigerian statement: "Sheybi you don do yourself?"

It is because, really, people get themselves in a mess by their own actions!

Thanks for reading, I hope you won't "do yourself" in anyway!

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