Girl Scouts Litterwalk Tragedy In Wisconsin

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Since there are a lot of litter walkers on Steemit, I thought I should share this sad news: a driver hit-and-run four girl scouts and an adult chaperone who were part of a group of scouts doing a #litterwalk yesterday. Two of the girls and the adult died on scene; one girl died later on the hospital; another is still alive but in critical condition.

from the Girl Scouts page on Facebook

Also from their page: "Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes is inviting anyone who would like to send a card to send it to their Eau Claire Service Center: 4222 Oakwood Hills Pkwy, Eau Claire, WI 54701. We invite Girl Scouts everywhere to join the council in honoring the lives of the deceased by lighting a candle, observing a moment of silence, or engaging in other meaningful rituals at 6:00 p.m. CT today."

Light a candle, y'all. :(

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Sad news indeed. Blessings sent across the water ❤

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Most unfortunate to hear, a very sad story...


Oh no. That's terrible. 😭

yes. I saw that very sad news on MSN..

Devastating :'(

That's horrible.