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Actualizing its vision of becoming THE go-to blockchain crowdfunding provider, OpenLedger is pleased to offer an early-bird pre-ICO opportunity with a venture set to revolutionize the $150 billion gift card industry: Centz.

Establishing a digital gift card system with the "Goldbucks" crypto-tokens, Centz offers a solution to the age-old problems of gift-cards: what happens if you get a gift card for somewhere you don't want to shop - and/or what to do with that last bit of credit after a purchase. With Centz' cards, any amount of Goldbucks can be transfered for use at any vendor within the network - ensuring the gift cards can always be spent where the receiver want.

Working closely with Centz on the crowdfunding, token issuance, marketing & PR, OpenLedger is also handling escrow management for the campaign - meaning that with funds time-released to pre-determined milestones, investors can take comfort knowing their capital is spent according to plan - and if the venture were not make it to launch for unforeseen reasons, part will be returned.

Also, tokens are to be exchangeable for Goldbucks that can be spent at the network's retailers via e-gift cards.

A special holidays offer is here a well

Centz offers a BTC Price Protection on all Early Bird buys, meaning you are covered and given any additional worth of CNTZ tokens, in case BTC increases somewhere in between the time of your buy and the start of the ICO on January 20th 2017. Buy your tokens late without any increase involved you still get what you pay for, just not the difference achieved with a volatile currency fluctuating all the time!

To learn more and get involved with the Centz early-bird offering, visit

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Yours sincerely,

Centz and OpenLedger team wishing you happy holidays

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