Ghosts will be seen in the sky next year

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Ghosts and pumpkin lanterns may not be preoccupied with next year. If they look at the sky, they may or may not be able to meet the ghosts.

The  reason is nothing but NASA's Space Scientists say that there will be a  possibility of an upcoming Asteroid 2015 TB-145 that will be seen in the  Earth's sky in November. The asteroid, dense black molecule, such as 2100 feet wide, charcoal, looks like a skull or scalp.

For dense black substances, only 6 percent of the light can be reflected from the asteroid. That's why on October 31, 2015, when the asteroid came closer to the  Earth, the name was given by the name of the asteroid by its appearance  and size.

But it did not appear in the eyes of ordinary people, the Halloween asteroid. She goes out of the moon orbit somewhat. However, in 2015, the 2015-15 TB-145 wants to fill the unfulfilled taste of the world tour. Then there will be asteroids near the sun. As a result, in the month of halloween in the sky, the sky can be seen only when the spectator of asteroids. 

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