Photos: Ghana Business and Investment Mission 2018

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Last week we completed our third annual Ghana Business Mission for global entrepreneurs and investors serious about seeking opportunities and market entry in to the region.

This year’s delegation included representatives from San Francisco, Spain and the UK, with interests in agri-processing for export, engineering, value-chain technology and manufacturing.

The mission was filled with macro economic and regulatory overviews from entities including the GIPC, Ghana Export Promotion Authority, Ministries of Agriculture and Tourism, DECAT, and the Diaspora Relations Office.

Meanwhile, insightful private sector engagements included talks with companies such as Ghanaian beer producer Inland Microbrewery, the Movenpick and Kempinski Hotels, Guiness Ghana, BA Tours, TroTro Tractor, Albe Farms and Blue Skies - Ghana’s leading producer and exporter of fresh cut fruit, juices (and now ice-cream) supplying to leading food stores such as Waitrose, Asda and Aldi.

Very exciting outcomes.

1 Diaspora Office.JPG

2 brew.jpg

3 mal albert.jpg

4 fruits.jpg

5 export.jpg

6 frank agi.jpg

7 glance.jpg

8 albe.jpg


Wow..this is so beautiful..l love how you link up steemit to the growth and development of Ghana..We are so much exposed to the international community which l love that..keep making it big and l wish this could be a greater opportunity for us all..gracias @ak2020

I wish to meet you in person someday. Looks like uou are an embodiment of change and it moves with you where ever you go and now you are bringing that change home.

Keep it up

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