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Steemfest is nearing fast and @anomadsoul hosted another contest or challenge or whatever you would like to call it where you pick 5-10 of your old posts that you'd like everyone to read to know you a bit more. 

So, starting off, I'm a mechie, meaning I studied mechanical engineering in college unlike most of the guys on this blockchain who are mostly techies :p

Being a mechie got me a lot of opportunities to build some interesting stuff. 

Here's two of my builds: 

We built a Trike that RUNS ON AIR!

Me and three other members of my team in college built this trike as a part of our final year project. It runs using air as it's fuel. Watch the video to see how it runs!

We built a DIRT BUGGY to do some Off-Road Racing

I always wanted to build a small car of my own, specifically a go-kart! During 3rd year of college, we formed a team of 24 enthusiastic members and sought out to build a dirt buggy to participate in International level Baja Races. It was a great experience. Watch the video in the post, it's interesting!

Apart from this, I've built a combat robot about which I haven't made a post yet. 

Outside of my professional field,

I capture (photos and videos): 

Photographs from Historic Monuments in Delhi

Whenever I find something interesting, I don't miss the opportunity to capture it on my camera and then share it to the world on my blogs! I edit videos as well. 

I ride a motorcycle (a lot):

All India Motorcycle Tour!

When I and two others from my riding team did a 11,000 kilometers and 43 days motorcycle trip around my country, India. It was a great experience that made me feel like we live in a small world!

2600 kms Solo Motorcycle ride in India

I rode solo from my hometown to the Capital of my country during the beginning of 2018, just to get my bike to the capital.

What does it feel like to RIDE INTO THE FOG and TAKE A SELFIE?

One of my first blogs of my motorcycle trips. I put my all into this particular blog post. 

I think this post pretty much sums up my 2017:

My Best Moments of 2017

These were some of the exciting moments from my life. I hope you enjoyed reading/watching them and know me a lil more than you did a few moments ago. 

I nominate @sjennon, @varunpinto, @firepower and @things to take part in this contest. 

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