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I have been tagged by @indigoocean to take part in the Get to Know Me Challenge which was created by @anomadsoul. The aim of the challenge is that each person who is nominated, picks between 5 -10 posts that they have written or created that really represent s who they are. Posts that do no include, politics, religion or crypto. Which I must say is pretty easy for me.

So I had a look back over my blog and I was hoping to include a lot from the beginning of my time here on steemit, but for some reason I can not see beyond 8 months. I will soon be on here for one year and I posted nearly everyday, so I had quite a lot to choose from and I easily found 10 posts that I believe give a good picture of who I really am.

You can see @anomadsoul's post here and here are the rules,

. Only Steemians with more than 6 months in the platform or more than 100 posts made can join this challenge.
. You can only include posts of your authorship.
. Avoid crypto, politics and religious posts.
. Think of this challenge as your Steem blogging "resume or CV"
. The moment you are able to post, make this compilation and #nominate 3 other Steemians.
. Use the tag #gettoknowme

Before I present my 10 posts, I would like to nominate @eco-alex, @riverflows and @elamental to take up the challenge.



After writing my post The Call to be a Nomadic Family I got some really lovely feedback about the interior of the bus, so instead of continuing on our journey I thought I would take you all on a tour of our bus, from when we started to convert it, right up until we where living in it full time.
We had done a big job already on taking all the seats out of her, 30 to be exact, and after that we insulted the floor and covered it with 18mm plywood. We covered the normal metal steps with these lovely cut off pieces of Elm that were given to us by a man in West Cork when we visited his Mill.

How we Made Money living our Nomadic Life


Choosing to live this way, living in a small space means not really having many material possessions.
My partner and me never wanted our children to be registered beyond their birth, so being able to receive payouts from the government was never an option for us.
We also do not want any hassle with regards to how we choose to raise our children.
We really only buy things that we need, which with a family of 2 girls (at the time of living in our bus) was food and fuel to allow us to move.
This post is about our time travelling around France in our bus, although we did continue to fund our lives in this way in other countries as well.
It was not always easy, but we were free to roam and be together with our children.

The Unassisted Birth of my Daughter: Exactly 1 year ago


You sleep soundly beside me as I write this post. You who have brought so much love into my life, so much laughter and happiness. How can I ever imagine my world without you. Before you joined us, I did not even realize we were missing anything in our lives. But then you come along and You make our family complete.
One year ago today my day started as any other, you were still in my belly, so snug in my womb. I had your sisters to see to, breakfast to make. Dogs and cats to feed, the normal routine of the day. It was warm, as is the norm in the south of Spain and I spend most of my day outside, walking amongst the orange trees smelling the beautiful Orange Blossom. In the weeks leading up to this day you had the hiccups and oh how I loved that sensation. You were so active inside, such a little ninja, my little warrior I would call you.

Freedom Challenge: Expressing my Freedom


Freedom means so many different things to different people and expressing one's freedom is done in many different ways too.

Wild woman

I am a wild woman,
I am happiest amongst the trees.
I am a passionate woman,
A woman who cries when the time arises,
A woman who smiles when her children run Free.
I am a nomadic woman,
I like to roam and move about.
I am in flow, I get to watch myself grow

Embrace your Body


How do you feel about your body?
If I were to ask you, what words would you choose to describe your body?
I would like to think that most of you would say that their bodies are amazing. Yet the reality is that most people, would assume that I am talking about their physical appearance and as a result would say that they are not happy with how their bodies look. Yes I have written about this before and yes I will continue to do so, because how we view ourselves, affects how and if we accept ourselves for who we really are.

How My Relationship With A Horse Helped Me Tap into My Power


I have always loved horses, as a child I loved to be around them, but I never wanted to ride them. I still don't. I have never been a fan of humans using animals for their own benefit. But that said I two have 2 dog companions and 3 cat companions.
Two years ago I done a 2 month Trek across the Sierra Nevada with a friend of mine and our children. We had a horse each which we used to carry our belongings and sometimes our children. My friend had one boy at the time age 4 and I had my 2 girls aged 3 and 6.

How Becoming a Mother Has Fulfilled My Life- Gratitude For My Children Day 5


I have always known that I wanted to become a mother. When I was in school and we were being advised to think about our future, I always envisaged having children, even though at that time we were being told that we should be looking for suitable career's. That success and happiness lay in how we would preform academically. But my heart was never made for academics, I tried as most of us did, but my heart was always wild and wanted to be outside amongst the trees, whom I considered to be the real elders in my life.

Why Natural Birth Is So Important!


How can we ever know how powerful our bodies are if we do not trust in their abilities, to create, to birth and to heal!
Each one of us are limited by our own self belief, our own self doubt. Doubt that has been put on us, down through generations. When we were told that we needed to listen to others over ourselves.That in order to really gain knowledge we had and still have to follow the 'experts'. We have to be able to prove our point by referencing some one else's point of view.
This huge shift away from self, leading us away from our inner wisdom and putting the focus outwards, directing us towards others to solve our problems and give us all the answers.

Yes My Children Are Wild And Yes That Is Exactly How They Should Be.


Yes my children are Wild and Yes I am very happy that they are. Why is it such a problem for some to see children being allowed to be themselves, to express themselves openly, to teach themselves?
Having left the mountains in Spain to return to Ireland, I knew that the choices I have made in regards to my children upbringing would be questioned, I'm pretty okay with that as I really don't care so much for other people's opinions. But the level of discomfort I have seen, that my children cause just by being open and free, well it still surprises me. This is the longest I have come away with my kids, it just over 3 weeks now and certain tolerances are starting to wear thin for some.

Are we really all just living on the Surface?


Sometimes you read something and it sticks with you and then suddenly it just pops into your head again as if from no where. That was me today, going about my daily business and that thought came into my head, 'We are all just living on the Surface'
We can look at that in many ways, we do mostly live on the surface of the planet, well most of us build our homes on the surface and some live very high off the ground. I personally have never wanted to live in an apartment or flat, I like to stay close to the earth. I sometimes feel like my truck is too high off the ground, I really do love camping and sleeping on the ground, it feels reassuring to have the earth beneath me.


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I am so grateful for getting to know you in person here in Spain!! Thank you for everything!!


it is so good having you here xxxx

oooh this is a fun one.. i have never gone through ALL my posts before! im in! thanks or nom... Xxxxx im guessing i already read most of yours! ;-)


yeah I look forward to what you will share with us all Alex xxxxx

wow this was intense, thank you for sharing so much. YOU ARE Womannn!! love the art, expression, mother love, adventure, nature, all that is you. xo


ah thank you beautiful xxx


you are very welcome mah lady xx

wow! This post is just ...incredible. Such a wonderful portrait of who you are, what you believe in. I was completely captivated and in awe.


thank you lovely, It was a real nice challenge to do, check out the original post by @anomadsoul and get involved xxx I would love to read yours xxxx

Really great compilation! Your posts are so interesting, I'm gonna read a few of the ones I haven't already read! Thank you for being around :) <3


thank you lovely one xxx