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Hello friends! I'm happy because Steemit is getting back to normal, so I've been encouraged myself to participate in the @anomadsoul challenge.

In my blog, I share my photographs and travel stories and this is a great opportunity to remember 10 lovely places. I hope you enjoy it, for me it has been very special to take a look at my beginnings in Steemit.

It's a great idea, so before starting I nominate my friends: @juancar347, @franciscana23, @jman27

1. Visit to Sanctuary of La Virgen del Valle - Margarita Island

The Basilica is a cozy temple of medium size, has a neo-Gothic architectural style. Is one of the most frequented sanctuaries in Venezuela, not only parishioners attend, it is also visited as a tourist site of Pearl of the Caribbean, where the Patron Saint of the East of country is venerate: The Virgin of the Valley. (Virgen del Valle)

Steemit World Map Location Spanish Post Santuario de la Virgen English Post Visit to Sanctuary

2. Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

Icon of Real Madrid, is a spectacular stadium with capacity for 81,044 spectators, offers an interactive tour to its visitors, starting with a walk through the museum to access to football field. In the post, I shared part of photographs I took during the experience lived in the famous Santiago Bernabéu.

Steemit World Map Location Spanish Post Casa del Real Madrid English Post Santiago Bernabéu

3. Mount Monserrate. Bogotá, Colombia

Bogota, the capital of Colombia is splendid. Its tourist icon? The famous Mount Monserrate, which is a must see for whom have the fortune to tour the city. To climb the 3152 meters high there are three options: walking, funicular and cable car, we chose the latter, it was like 04 p.m. so we enjoyed a good time until nightfall.

Steemit World Map Location Spanish Post Monserrate English Post Mount Monserrate

4. A day at San Blas, the paradisiacal beaches of Panama

San Blas is a destination with 365 islands, one for each day of the year! That, locals affirmed me during my visit to paradisiacal archipelago. Virgin beaches and exuberant beauty, surrounded by reefs which makes them attractive for snorkeling. It belongs to Caribbean Sea, specifically to Panama, country that I visited with a wonderful group of friends.

Steemit World Map Location Spanish Post Un día en San Blas English Post A day at San Blas

5. Kavak’s cave, the gorge of Canaima - Venezuela

Did you know that to get to the Kavak's cave you must take a plane from Canaima? The flight time is approximatly 15 minutes, when taking off the flight you can see the beautiful lagoon of Canaima. The cave has a thunderous fall of pure water, directly from the tepuis, 150 meters high, with flashes of light that slip through the impressive rocks.

Steemit World Map Location Spanish Post La garganta de Canaima English Post Kavak's cave

6. Adventure Tourism! Canyoning - Canopy - Climbing Wall | Barinas, Venezuela Part One

To unleash my adventurous spirit, I spent a few days at the Grados Alta Aventura camp, which has a cool climate and good attention. There, I practiced wonderful activities such as: canyoning, canopy, climbing wall, rafting and kayak.

Steemit World Map Location Spanish Post Turismo de alta aventura English Post Adventure Tourism

7. Colón Theatre - Buenos Aires, Argentina. More than 100 years serving the world!

Is one of the five best theaters in the world! The Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra made his presentation that night that I had the opportunity to visit the Colón Theatre. This venue has served for presentations of opera and classical music of great importance, visitors come together to enjoy the sophisticated atmosphere and especially the extraordinary acoustics.

Steemit World Map Location Spanish Post Teatro Colón English Post Colón Theatre

8. Seine River, Paris

It is the second longest river in France and also the best known by tourists. Post's photo was taken from the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, which provides an exceptional view of Paris.

Steemit World Map Location Spanish Post Rio Sena English Post Seine River

9. Médanos de Coro - A desert in Venezuela

225,557 acres is the extension covered by dunes of deserted Médanos de Coro National Park, one of the many beautiful places that make up diversity of landscapes in Venezuela.

Steemit World Map Location Spanish Post Médanos de Coro English Post Desert in Venezuela

10. Casco Antiguo - The Historic Centre of Panama City

History and culture are two words that define the Old Quarter (Casco Antiguo) of this Central American city, which brings back to me beautiful memories of a dear group of friends with whom I had the honor of traveling and discovering corners of Panama. In the post, I shared some of the sites of interest in this area worthy of admiration.

Steemit World Map Location Spanish Post Casco Antiguo English Post Old Quarter

Each place is unique and unforgettable!

I invite you to participate in this challenge.

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