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The hard fork is done and dusted, whales are swimming in pool of steem, dolphins are enjoying the waves, minnows are enjoying the breeze around the ocean but the poor plankton are sad, they can't survive without steem power, they need someone to put a smile on their face, so an angel was sent in form of @anomadsoul to cheer them up, he host a contest here when steemians are to drop ten killer post of theirs worthy to be read!!! Thanks for the opportunity to showcase our write up and I believe this is also to cheer up the plankton unable to perform activities on the block chain right now , I am a poet, a story teller and also a motivational speaker, so my ten post will be based on that, read and laugh, read to get inspire, read to know more about life!!

my top ten post of all time

I nominate @rehan12 @mango-juice @xawi to participate in this challenge


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Am i eligible captain? Coz as per rule i am neither 6 months old nor I have written 100 posts(if you leave comments)!

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You are not eligible buddy, you can only read