How to Super Charge Your Green Smoothie! (Recipe)

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Here's a simple and easy to follow recipe for making a nutritious super food green smoothie with a formula to supercharge it with some extra protein & flavouring.


If you are on a mission to get in shape or just maintain a healthy balanced diet this recipe can work wonders for you!

It's always best to source fresh and organic fruit and vegetables wherever possible for the highest nutritional values. Also source your protein supplements from a reputable company, Herbalife have been around since 1980 and the products have been scientifically tested, proven and endorsed by Doctors and Professional Athletes, that's why I choose Herbalife.

I use Herbalife Formula 1 Protein Powder or Herbalife 24 Rebuild Strength Protein Powder if I've been doing a serious work out and want to rebuild strength. The protein powder plays a vital role in muscle recovery and helps to restore damaged muscle tissue. It's ideal for adding to a Green Smoothie or any other kind of Smoothie.


Learn more about Herbalife Nutrition and create your free account ordering online is easy...

There's also a business opportnity... If your interested to learn more about this and you'd like more information on becoming a Herbalife Distributor? Contact Me Here.

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