National Socialism in Germany

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Today there was an election in a German State localde in the former East-Germany called "Thüringen"

The interesting part is that the most extreme parties have won most of the votes and a majority together.


Protest against establishment

This is an absolut protest against the existing middle of the road political powers - those would be the CDU (right side or christian democrat party) SPD (left Social Party of Germany) and maybe even a the Green Party .

The Linke literally means Left and they are absolutely hardcore Socialist. They believe that enough stuff has been made and just needs to be distributed better. The AFD are the newly emergent extreme right party. They were formed as an anti - EUR party and were basically taken over internally by right extreme fractions to become the new national party.

People want Nazi

Nazi is literally the abbreviation of National Socialism and comes from the German word "NAtionalsoZIalismus" and essentially that is what is going on in Germany but really everywhere in the world.

Left and social voices are rising and more national movements are rising as well.

Even in the US we have this happening. Big capitalist are calling for social ideas such as increasing taxes and re-distributing wealth and then we have guys on the throne who admire Dictators and call for "America First", strength etc.

Ray Dalio has pointed to this phenomenon a few times and compared times to 30's of last century.

German Parties must learn and adjust

Back to Germany it's pretty ridiculous how the existing powers have reacted to what the people want. The AFD and the Linke are constantly being ridiculed. I get why but that is not the point.

The point is that people have real issues that are not being addressed.

If these problems do not get addressed there simply will be a similar radical solution as we had last century.

I hope we find better solutions


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@tipu curate

When I returned from Germany last year, I couldn't help but reflect on the continued rise of the extreme political parties. Throughout my time there, I went out of my way to talk to "refugees" (many young men) from "war-torn countries" claiming to be fleeing violence and extreme poverty.

I'm thinking "OK, you're in Germany, you made it!" You'd think they would be pleased, but almost everyone I spoke to told me of how much they HATED Germany, the UK and western countries in general...

So why are they there??

It still puzzles me as to why Merkel would let in millions of people who despise the nation. I saw NO assimilation. They did not mix with the local Germans. My instructors told us there was an urgent need for labor and that's why the floodgates were opened. I'm astonished as to why the government can't offer incentives for native Germans to have more children and seek immigration from friendly countries in the west...

If Germany is that desperate for workers, they are welcome to import some of the millions of poor, unemployed Americans we have here. They would only be too happy to settle and work in your beautiful country that I fell in love with.

I feel it was a lot less amount workers or economics. I think letting in the "poor" refugees and foreigners is much more of a "social" issue of supporting people in need and germans feeling that they owe this to them.

One think that I have been very curious about is the "why" behind all the hatred. I have seen so much evidence that they despise their host nations. What I'm really interested in is the psychology behind.

The Linke litterally means Left and they are absolutel hardocore Socialist

Since they received the majority of votes, shouldn't this be very worrisome for Germans? I don't know much about German politics but when you say hardcore socialist (or just socialist...) do you mean people that admire horrible nations like the extinct Soviet Union?

I don't understand why being anti EUR is nazism? How are those things related? Is UK suddenly a nazi country due to Brexit? What about Switzerland that has never been a member? That's ridiculous...

Maybe this party wants to reduce or eliminate the number of africans and muslims entering Europe/Germany without any kind of control? Because I have read there are several countries having issues caused by this.

Even in the US we have this happening... and call for "America First"...

Are you implying the Trump administration (and by extension I suppose the entire Republican party) are nazis?

Focus on national pride (appealing to the "you deserve better" feeling)
Focus on the Group vs the Individual (for your country)
Restriction of personal freedom and privacy (in the name of the country and safety for all)

Again, I don't know how those things can be related only to nazism when each point can be used to describe what most political parties do, even in far away countries like China...

Yes anti EUR did not have anything to do with Nationalism. But the party was basically taken over by radical nationalist to the effect that the founders had to leave.

I am not saying that Trump is a Nazi, but I am saying that both movements of nationalism and socialism are become stronger and more radical. And there are parallels to how this happened in the 30s.

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Seems the history repeats. To bad people don’t understand

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