One Piece Locations are REAL PLACES!

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Oda is the man!

Eiichiro Oda, the awesome man who created the infamous manga: One Piece, is a very dedicated artist. He was inspired to become a mangaka (manga artist) by the German-Austrian-Japanese animated television series "Vicky, the Viking." He started out One Piece in 1997.

He's a very talented man who adapted actual people and places to his work. One Piece has a world that shows great and diverse culture, races and locations. If you love watching One Piece like me, you'll probably remember or be familiar with these countries, islands, kingdoms, towns, and villages.

Here are some of One Piece Locations that are real places on Earth:

(Disclaimer: Since, you can google Real Life Places In One Piece as well as One Piece and Real World Landscapes, I will enumerate only those that aren't mentioned there. I knew most of the places through my friend who's an anime fanatic while the other one through research.)

TOP 3: Zunisha is the Elephant Rock!

One of the elephant rocks erupted by Eldfell volcano in Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago town(right) looks very much like Zunisha (left).

Zou is an island located on the back of an enormous, millennium old elephant, Zunisha. Zou is "elephant" when translated to English.

The elephant rock emerging to the shores of Heimaey.

Zunisha is compared to the Elephant Rock in shore of Heimaey, Iceland. It is a natural rock formation off the coast made up of columnar basalt. Though, Oda didn't really confirmed this, many fans would like to believe so. "Zunisha is real!" - they say.

TOP 2: Punk Hazard is Iceland!

Punk Hazard and Iceland are both Land of "Ice and Fire."

Punk Hazard is an island divided into the Burning Lands on one side and the Ice Lands on the other. In the center, there is a hole where seawater flows into it, which separates both halves of the island and has sharks living within.

Punk Hazard is similar with Iceland. Iceland is a volcanic island and sits on top of a divergent boundary, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, spreading two tectonic plates namely, Eurasian and North American plates.

TOP 1: Goa Kingdom, the Gray Terminal and Mt. Colubo are Metro Manila, the slums outside the city and Smokey Mountain.

Gray Terminal (left) and Smokey Mountain (right)

The Goa Kingdom, Gray Terminal and Mt. Colubo are situated at the Dawn Island. Goa Kingdom is the walled-capital kingdom near the sea. The nobles live in that side of the island. The trash collected from the Goa Kingdom is dropped in Gray Terminal. It is massive junkyard that's filled with diseases and crime laying at the edge of Mt. Colubo, a smoky pile of of discarded junk. It smells due to the burning from the sun. Extreme class separation and discrimination caused by the royal families and nobles is evident in these locations even though they're found in the same island.

Left: An aerial photo showing the different places in the Dawn Island. Right: An aerial photo of Makati City (the area with tall buildings) and the slums of Metro Manila outside it.

The Goa Kingdom, Gray Terminal and Mt. Colubo are very much compared to Metro Manila, the slums outside the city and the Smokey Mountain. Metro Manila is the capital region of the Philippines while the Smokey Mountain is the term stamped for a large landfill located in Tondo, Manila. It's where the garbage of Manila were dumped for more than 40 years creating a mountain of junk. People began settling in this area already building a community. They live to scavenge and sell bottles, newspapers, steels, etc. Flammable substances used for decomposing these litters also led to countless fires that took many lives.

The rogues shunned from mainstream society looking for treasures (left) and people scavenging for items worthy to be sold (right).

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One Piece Is The Best.

great post! and not only some places exist but many of the characters are inspired by real people!

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i love one piece, the best anime.

great post! and not only some places exist but many of the characters are inspired by real people!

Yeah! I read about that, too. What really stunned me was the real life Kizaru. Hahaha. You should check it out.

haha i am one step ahead :P i already have checked most of the characters!

Good for you, man! There are still a lot more not included in that list of yours. Hahahaha. I particularly like the real-life pirates One Piece's pirates are based from.

that was a typical list i found just for the purpose of it! :P in gereral Oda is a genius and really hard worker. He even created an end in case he die :P unlike togashi that he doesn't give a damn :P

Yoshihiro Togashi? The Hunter x Hunter creator? I'm not really familiar of him and what he did. What happened? Googling it.

o yes that one! he created one of the best anime (hunter x hunter) and did way too many hiatus for a couple of years. he did that a couple of years ago when the anime was at the top of all lists. He said ''health issues'' they catch him playing his favorite games :P then he started the manga again for sort time, he said the same again. Many manga artists said that they could do the drawing even his wife said so ( she made sailor moon) :P he denied so the fans as you can guess are not that happy :P Oda is the exact opposite

Oh! So that's the whole story. I feel sad for the Hunter x Hunter fans. Oda is really hardworking. I heard he even draw manga when he was hospitalized. Very dedicated man, he is.

Oh. He ended his manga creations because of his own selfishness. Well, the man got tired. We can't really blame him, I think. He wanted to rest.

haha the anime first stopped at 2001 and started back at 2011 imagine those waiting over 10 years only to see a couple of episodes more and wait along with the news fans (like me) another 10 years :PP

Hahaha. Well, I think I first watched Hunter x Hunter in 2002 or 2003. And I wasn't really a fan of it but I liked them. I didn't know Kurapika was a guy. I was 6-7 years old and I told my brother and cousins that I am that character. I really thought he was a HE. I wasn't really affected by the 10 year gap. I'm sorry.

There are many Locations of One Piece that are based on Real life places, Like
Water 7 based on Venice and Zou Architecture is based on yemen and many many more~

Oda is Genius!!

Hi. Yes. I didn't include those two because those are already very famous real-life-one-piece-basis.

Lovely post! #MadeMyDay :)

AHAHAA NO WAY THIS IS CRAZY!! But its true Mr.Oda really does like to give references to real life context. Many characters are taken from real life people and all

This is real, man. I assure you.

wow. cool
one piece is my anime favorite.

Mine, too! Thanks for dropping by.

Okay nice info for one piece fan..... by the way, which character do you like it in one piece serial ?

I like all the Straw Hat Pirates but Luffy is my favorite. Btw, I love Going Merry so much.

Yes, I love Going Merry too, sadly she sink because protectig Luffy and friends. :)

That's one of the One Piece's saddest moment. I wrote a post about it here. I was literally sobbing! I won't forget that.

wow buena información acerca de unos de los mejores mangas en especial uno de mis favoritos , es realmente fascinante la inspiración que tomo oda para crear este manga que cada vez me sorprende mas :)

Oda is really full of surprises. Thank you fro reading my content.

one piece is the love of my life :3
as long as i have one piece i am a happy guy :D
thank you god Eiichiro Oda for this master piece

We really should thank him. So awesome!