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DTUBE Film Summary

Had to record this as the livestream got jacked up by ThemTube or AT&T don’t know which. I went over my take on the Geo Engineering Solar Radiation Management programs.

I believe they are made by Military aircraft at extremely high altitudes, that let out particulate that then falls into the commerical flight patterns and comes out the back end of the engine mixed with air to create the "chemtrails". This grants them plausible deniability while also utilizing the existing flight patterns to conduct their operation, which would save a significant amount of money.

I work with ATK jet fuel everyday, I am in the meetings where the regulations are passed and the tests are created to determine "what is jet fuel". Based on working with ATK, knowing how it is so highly controlled. I can assure you that there is NOTHING being added to the fuel to create "aluminum based chem trails". If they were adding that to the fuel the OEM's would freak right the f out, and companies like mine that measure conductivity would be seeing really strange and really high conductivity in fuel, which is not happening.

Even Bio fuel is a "contaminant" in Jet Fuel, FAME it is called, so that is how highly controlled Jet Fuel is, there is nothing in it, you can create ATK by clay filtering the crap out of farm grade kerosene. It certainly does not have added particulate in it to create chemtrails.

Chem trails are 100% real, but let's be accurate about reporting on how they are being made. The commercial planes seems to be oblivious to them, and I have never seen any proof that the commerical airlines are involved other than being used to create the chemtrails just by flying through the particulate being dropped at a higher altitude.

Two videos to watch for more proof:

  1. High Bypass Turbine engines by GeoEngineering Watch Dane Wiggington:

  1. True Story of Artificial Clouds:

My Original Live Stream that got completely Messed with by Themtube or AT&T or both...

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Thanks for posting this to D.Tube. I was actually thinking about the fact that I wanted to show other people these videos but I was disappointed that ThemTube would get credit for the views.

I understand you need to go where the people are but Please, try to post to D.Tube (or the other us.tubes) first and stop the cross linking. I hate going to D.Tube to watch a video from ThemTube.

The multiple posts of the same thing also limit the comments and conversations. There is a great conversation started on the sister post. Is there a way to link the comments?


In short, this is all about me. It defeats My attempt to shun, ignore, not feed or use ThemTube.

You @titusfrost are doing great work. Keep it up and Thanks.


I think I'm misunderstanding how all of this works and maybe using my terms incorrectly.

However my overall goal is, I'm trying to use steemit.com and D.Tube more or less exclusively. Your posts on sreemit take me to videos hosted on ThemTube and giving ThemTube any "busines" is what I'm trying to avoid.

Again, great work and Thanks.


All these videos with the exception of the first are on Themtube. In order to put them on D.Tube an Steemit they'd first have to be downloaded from ThemTube and re-uploaded to DTube.
When you upload a video to D.Tube It automatically appears on Steemit, like the top video here. Which is really a link to D.Tube. You can't actually upload videos directly to Steemit.

Lots of the big bloggers get millions of views etc. on ThemTube which is why they use it and then simply link to them in Steemit.

That's my understanding of it anyway but I no expert and might be wrong.

What's the octane rating of jet fuel nowadays? We used to mix it half and half with ordinary fuel for racing motorbikes (totally against the rules) and it smells lovely mixed with castor oil when it comes out of the exhaust. < petrol head.

I discovered the work of Jim Lee some weeks ago and am since then, constantly reading up. He might deliver what you search for on his websites climateviewer . org (a 3D map with everything you can think of), climateviewer . com and weathermodificationhistory . com (as well as his youtube-channel under the name Jim Lee).


"During the “Single Fuel Concept” conversion from 1988-1996, all NATO aircraft switched from gasoline based fuel (JP-5) to kerosene (diesel) fuel (JP-8) the aluminum content of the fuels tripled." below then the table which he has from here: http://www.dtic.mil/cgi-bin/GetTRDoc?AD=ADA396143
Edit: e.g. Aluminium from ND to 2000 to 9000 ppb, Barium 3 to 9 to 38 ppb Calcium from 500 to 5000 to 31000 ppb etc.
Edit2: Also this is an older article from 2015, some sources have been pulled and he needs to update it. Usually he gives you the archive links then. Most links work just fine though.