Richard Branson Promotes Al Gore's Continuing Deception

Linked In Sucks at responding to articles because of it's limitation of the size of a reply. Hence I'm replying here at to an article here:

There are three positions as I see it in the climate debate. And one of those three positions is rarely ever given voice in the media. Solar dimming via stratospheric injection of nano materials of aluminum, strontium, barium, etc... these are about to make people on Earth extinct. I hear scientific research at point out that life expectancy levels are shrinking dramatically, methane is being released from the poles, and that we are teetering on getting way too much heat released into the atmosphere.

On the other hand, I've heard from researcher Josh Reeves his opinion that we are entering an ice age. So maybe the geoengineering is meant to combat the ice age. He made me aware of a method for creating a greenhouse gas effect with a gas called Sulfer-Hexiflouride which is 26,000 times more effective at creating greenhouse effects than Carbon monoxide. And our skies may be being doped with it on demand by the military in their quest to control the weather by 2025.

I wish there wouldn't be these US executive orders keeping government employees from discussing weather manipulation.

It seems to me that governments around the world are practicing weather warfare on their own people.

Recently I experienced 13 inches of rain in 24 hours in Burlington, Wisconsin. Connecting the dots, it appears like the military was testing out their storm making technologies in one of House Speaker Paul Ryan's cities within his congressional district. A state of emergency was declared by Governor Scott Walker, and all of a sudden "Federal Jurisdiction" was used to tell a guy with a drone that he couldn't fly it around to get pictures of the flood. A new substation was installed because the old one's location was still under water for nearly three days.

Anyway Richard, I appreciate your work with Bitcoin. However I must say, even publicly, that Al Gore's involvement in the environmental debate has been fought with questionable science, politics, hypocrisy and definite ties to "Russia" (haha - who really cares about that).

Richard, you could do more for the world's environment and people's life expectancy by strapping some heat seeking missiles onto the virgin planes and launch them at the next mission you see performing stratospheric injection of nano particulate. Or at least help us with obtaining evidence up there in the skies.

You see the nano particulate of these metals don't show up in people's tests for heavy metals. Apparently the tiny particles disperse so well into the medium that it's very hard to detect with common methods. I had such a test performed and discovered high lead, uranium mercury and aluminum

I believe that every line we see in the skies is responsible for killing hundreds if not thousands of people, plants and animals on the Earth.


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