--Professed followers of CHRIST are today eating and drinking with the drunken while their names stand in honored church records.
--The gratification of perverted appetite leads directly to the indulgence of unholy passions.
--Many feel under no moral obligation to curb the appetite or the base passions.
--They are slaves to perverted appetite.
--They are not living for the future life.
--They are rushing on as did the inhabitants of the world in Noah's day, living for this present existing world regardless that their deeds of the present every day life casts its shadow forward in the future, and the retribution will be in accordance with their works.
--They are as disobedient today in reference to God's laws as they were in Noah's time.
--While in the world they will not keep separate from its pollutions but will be of the world, notwithstanding GOD has expressly forbidden this union with the world.
--As in Noah's day, philosophers and men of science see nature's laws but cannot carry their wisdom higher and see beyond these laws nature's Lawgiver.
--Wise worldly men seek to practically reason out or theorize in regard to nature without taking the GOD of nature into the account.
--Many will resist GOD'S warnings and array themselves against his law because their sinful life cannot harmonize with the pure principles of GOD'S moral government.
--They consider it too hard work to reform their lives, therefore they endeavor to make the law of GOD meet their low standard of morals.
--It was GOD'S purpose in sending Noah to warn the world that the people should see their sins and awaken to a sense of their crimes and great wickedness and be alarmed and fear and repent that GOD might pardon and save them.
--As the time of CHRIST'S second appearing draws near, the LORD sends his servants with a warning message to the world to prepare for that great event.
--As the world have been living in transgression of the law of GOD, in mercy he sends a message of warning to arouse their attention and hold before them the law of GOD as a mirror into which they can look and discover the defects in their moral character.
--If they will at once make earnest efforts to remedy these defects, by repentance toward GOD and faith toward our LORD JESUS CHRIST, they will be pardoned through the merits of his blood, for this is the only hope of the transgressor of the law of GOD.
--But as in the days of Noah, there is with the majority a total disbelief of the testimony GOD has in mercy sent to warn the world of her coming destruction.


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