Watching a Movie With Your Parents

in #general4 years ago (edited)

isn't it awkward when you're watching a movie with your parents and a sex scene comes on

and your dad starts masturbating?


WTH hahahaha! I seriously guffawed at the end!! In my mind, I was already crafting my comment as I was reading, then you just turned it all upside down haha!

hahaha ya I decided to raise the disgusting bar

Feel free to cringe it up here anytime! You're more than welcome, man haha!

Or your mom...

hmm well if everyone's going at it i might as well join in
never been known to refuse a good circle jerk on here

Some families play Yahtzee.

This is where VR glasses will be beneficial, you don't see what the others are doing, a good selling point hehe

you need to get in touch with occulus' PR department
'perfect for when dad's having a wank'

Haha lol 😂 Finally VR has found a way to break into the market with the family jerk package 📦 Just like with eating garlic if everyone does it no one will feel disgusted

Wtf lol... 😂😂😂

you can't deny it would be awkward :p

You know he only does it to hog the remote, right?
Seriously, who would touch that thing after him?

That was priceless. Took me totally off guard.

True, I have faced this situation.

Lol... you've GOT to be joking! 😃

Uhhh not what I was expecting LOL

were you fishing?

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Ha, yeah, might be a tad awkward!

That happened to the daughter of someone I know. She was staying over at her dad's(the ex-husband's) place.

eww, well that's a lot less funny now, sry to hear that

Trust me if I read this post anytime before hearing the story I would be laughing my azz off.
Last I knew the mom is trying to get full custody as a result of the incident.

Okay... that's one messed up dad 😯

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