The most powerful people in the world are women

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The females involved with blockchains are in my opinion the most powerful people on earth right now.

Recently I became aware of a communications space created with the purpose of enabling women to get into crypto-technology. At first all I could think was gender segregation and how I don't have the best experience with it, at the same time I can understand how some people would feel more comfortable with those they consider as similar, their peers.

Truth is if you read my blog you will find I've been trying like crazy to get women involved, specially those who claim to have an interest in social justice, because I believe blockchains can level the field. Blockchains can give us the grounds to carry out healthy discussion, transparent conversations, which I believe is needed to understand that we humans do have a common goal.

Yesterday I got a little frustrated because of a discussion on Facebook, I guess I was trying to push too hard this information on people who just didn't want to listen. Not wanting to listen doesn't make them bad people, but it seems my insistence was mistaken for violence from those who think one has to consider the self superior before offering advice to others.

I was trying to make the case that blockchains don't see gender or race, they can offer more fairness. At some point I remember regretting the conversation because before I knew it people were talking about my mom trying to offend me...but then this morning I found a comment on that thread talking about how blockchains are dominated by men and to get into them you need to have at least $400 laying around. They were saying I couldn't expect women to take part because they have had disadvantages in education and finance.

This is why is so important to discuss these issues, a lot of people don't know that you can get into the industry without having to invest anything but time. Many have the mistaken idea that this is just for geeks and rich men, but blockchains are for the public, for anyone who wants to participate.

When I signed up for Facebook I did so because a woman asked if I had an account. I wanted to get closer to her so I got close to FB. Women rule the world, if they only knew how much power they really have we'd be talking different business.

I want to make them aware of just how much influence they have and how much good they can do with it. There's no blockchain without PoW and there's no mass adoption and much less decentralization without women.

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