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Hola amigos quiero compartir con ustedes una sorpresa que me dio mi tío Ali me regaló 3 lindos patitos ya q su pata saco 6 patitos; y tuvo regalarlos porque la pata era muy mala los picoteaba y ya había matado a 2 de sus patitos.

Hello friends, I want to share with you a surprise that my uncle Ali gave me, he gave me 3 cute ducklings and his leg got 6 ducklings; and he had to give them away because the leg was very bad, he pecked them and he had already killed 2 of his ducklings.

Por eso el prefirio regalarlos a personas que estuviesen paciencia para alimentarlos.
Estoy criando mis lindos patitos.

So he preferred to give them to people who were patient to feed them.
I am raising my cute ducklings.

Me encantan los animales, cuiden siempre los animales que ellos son parte de nuestra naturaleza vamos a protegerlos.

I love animals, always take care of the animals that they are part of our nature we will protect them.

Espero que le gusten y me apoyen no olviden comentar y votar. Hasta luego.

I hope you like and support me, don't forget to comment and vote. Bye.


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yes....i love animales with feathers...im still a chicken mother--got 3 little chickis at home :-) best wishes to you

Gracias amiga yo tambien los amo lo quiero mucho :)