When WaPo Demonized China for Planting Trees!

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It's difficult to systematically demonize someone, or in the case discussed here an entire country with the world's largest population, especially when there's not much material to work on, however, the western mainstream media have mastered this profession of demonizing the "others" in order to justify their own aggressive policies, and here's a perfect example:


When you succeed in demonizing and dehumanizing someone you can target them with hate speech, you can stroke their entire population with a single brush stroke, like the other case in Russia, when the western media and officials want to address Russia negatively they only name out Putin, Putin's war, Putin's army, Putin's policies... They've done the same all the time with every one of their foes, our Syrian army was called Assad's army, Assad's forces, and even Assad's brigades!

They manage to get away with these simple yet effective acts because they depend on a gullible audience who would buy any propaganda thrown at them easily because most of them are not properly educated, they're systematically brainwashed.

In the above case, even Facebook tried to censor the post by claiming their so-called fact checkers found some discrepancies in the picture by the Washington Post itself, that's all they could come up with!

Screenshot from 2022-09-05 21-52-31.png
Screenshot from 2022-09-05 21-52-43.png

Planting trees is bad when it's done by China, Green policies, on the other hand, are good when they're done by the western countries, who do not plant trees and want their people now to negatively impact nature's balance by eating the bugs and be happy.

Image source: New Syria FB page.

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