This Was Never an Understatement: FB in Bed with the CIA

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As outsiders, we tend to refer to the different US intelligence services as the CIA, some are more familiar with the over a dozen different such good for nothing agencies throughout its history, many do know that electronic spying, to call it bluntly by its name, is the work for the NSA, and so on, who cares, they all serve their employers who happen not to be the US citizens, nor even the politician clowns.


Rather, all these agencies serve the so-called Military Industrial Complex, and to a large extent the other corporations and syndications like Big Pharma, Bankers (Federal Reserves and its controlled financial institutions including the US Treasury), et al.

It's a mutually beneficial relationship between the US spying agencies, some are referred to as federal law enforcement agencies, and the syndications, out of these the above meme talks about Facebook in particular.

Highlighting Facebook from the pool of other social media giants does not relieve the others and only implicate this platform, nobody has served the interests of the real owners of the USA more than Google, then you can add the different other platforms, some of which are effectively serving those warmongering greedy criminals like Microsoft, others passively like in the case of Oracle and fintech corporations by depriving entire peoples of its services and enabling certain peoples of countries around the world in part of the bigger plan: join us and enjoy or live in suffering without our perks.

It's worth noting that the above meme was shared in June 2013, 9 years ago, when did you find out about the relations between Facebook and the US spying agencies?

Image source: New Syria FB page.

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