Litecoin Gets Featured On Gemini Exchange While It Becomes Compatible With Blocknet

Litecoin has suffered a lot during the last market crash, where it lost the number five position it has been for a long time. Some months ago, the digital currency dropped to the sixth position while its previous position was taken by EOS – this is because EOS acquired a greater market cap than Litecoin.

However, Litecoin (LTC) did not allow that situation to stop it from moving ahead, getting listed on new exchanges, rising to the green, and exposing itself further.

Litecoin (LTC) Gets Featured on Gemini Exchange

Litecoin was recently listed on a well-known digital currency exchange platform. This will, of course, have a significant effect on the exposure and value of the digital currency. The digital currency has experienced some ups and downs during the crash of the market that lasted for eight weeks when EOS took over its position.

Litecoin was featured on one of the most popular digital currency exchanges in the world – Gemini Exchange. Besides adding Litecoin to its platform, Gemini recently added Bitcoin Cash and Zcash to its platform too. But there no word yet on when these digital currencies will start trading on the platform.

Litecoin Is Now Compatible with Blocknet

The Litecoin development team has been working on another project that might positively impact the value of Litecoin and cause it to skyrocket. This might also restore the coin back to its previous position. This time, there are speculations that the digital currency is now compatible with Blocknet.

This now makes the digital currency cross-chain operations enabled, which shows that it can now serve as a cross-chain crypto that would enable the cryptocurrency to further interact with other cryptocurrencies. This is actually a great deal for the digital currency because Blocknet represents a huge platform.

After the latest changes in the crypto market, the value of Litecoin could get to $147, while showing further improvements and working to regain its previous ranking position.

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Litecoin is a bad az currency coin, it isnt the platform coin of ethereum or what EOS is going to be.
It is fast and cheap to send. The twin coin of Dash without the dark option...
My litecoin shiftcard is smooth....
Litecoin is good crypto...