The 101 Of The Christchurch Shooting Gematria - Connection To August 11

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The horrendous attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, was covered with connecting Numerology and Gematria, just like most of the previous well known mass shootings. And of course the answer from the authorities was the prime minister of New Zealand announcing in a less than 24 hours response to the attacks: "Our gun laws will change". Hegelian dialectic, problem - reaction - solution, to disarm country after country.

Let us look at the Gematria of this event. Analyzing the connection of numbers and words gives clues to pretty much all major events, which are covered by the main stream media. News by the numbers. I took most of the info here from Zachary Hubbard's videos and blog. Doing this for years, he has a hive mind community which is multiplying the research one man could do just by himself. I am not looking at all numbers connected to this event, but focus on the entanglement with the August 11, 2019 riddle.

The shooting happened on the Ides of March and the day where Julius Cesar was assasinated in 44BC. It is also the 74th day of the year. The address of the first mosque, where most of the killing happened, is 101 Deans Avenue, in 8011 Christchurch. The 8011 jumps right at our attention, as these are the numbers from the date we have our eye on.



The terrorist wrote a 74-page manifesto. It has been blocked now but I was able to download a copy before they did.

The Great Replacement.jpg

'White supremacist' also equals 74, just like the day of the attack and the pages in the manifesto.

74 white supremacist.PNG

More 74's are 'Killing', 'English', 'Gematria', 'Jewish', 'Tarot', 'Masonic', 'Occult', 'Jesus Christ', 'Jesus', 'Messiah', 'Cross', 'Gospel', 'Muhammad'.


101 is basically the Master Number 11. It is also the 26th Prime Number, which represents god in Gematria, among many other divine words. But there is more: Ides of March, the name for the day of the shooting, equals 101.

101 Ides of March.PNG

The shooter is called Brenton Tarrant. The name Brenton equals to 101.

101 Brenton.PNG

And so does "terrorist and "assassin".

101 Terrorist.PNG

101 Assassin.PNG

The attack took place in a muslim 'church', which also equals 101.

101 Church.PNG

The terrorist wrote a 74-page manifesto with the title "The Great Replacement", which equals to 101. The link on Documentcloud was censored but I was able to download a copy before they did.
101 The Great Replacement.PNG

The Great Replacement.jpg

Just hours after the attack, the Prime Minister of New Zealand announced that "our gun laws will change". The news usually paraphrase the Gematria part of their headlines. See for yourself how they all recycle the same words. Of course they equal 101 as well.

Our gun laws will change.jpg

101 Our gun laws will change.PNG

Connecting it to our date of interest, August 11, 2019 as well as San Francisco: Route 101 crosses over the Golden Gate Bridge and so does the 101 Bus Route.
101 Golden Gate Bridge Route 101.jpg


August 11 is the 223rd day of the year.

The shooter is a "white supremacist", a term pushed by the news in this regard as well, which equals 223, just like 'masonic', the 'Synagogue of Satan', 'Natural Desaster' and 'Golden Gate Bridge'. August 11th is the 223rd day of the year and it is the reversed Skull & Bones number.

223 white supremacist.PNG

masonic 223 jewish-gematria.PNG

223 Synagogue of Satan.png

223 Natural Disaster Gematria.PNG

223 Golden Gate Bridge Gematria.PNG

223 San Francisco Bridge Gematria.PNG

223 Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast.png

We also remember that Philadelphia plays an important part in our August 11, 2019, riddle and that the Philadelphia Phillies are guests that day in San Francisco, for the 1989 World Series Earthquake reunion. Philadelphia equals 101 and 223.

101 Philadelphia.PNG

223 Philadelphia Gematria.PNG


The shooter live-streamed the event and started by saying "Subscribe to PewDiePie".


From the attack to PewDiePie's next birthday are 223 days.

Christchurch Shooting to PewDiePie birthday.PNG

PewDiePie's birth numerology is 142.

142 PewDiePie birth numerology.PNG

From his last birthday to the attack are 142 days.

PewDiePie birthday 2018 to Christchurch attack 2019 142 days.PNG

Terrorist equals 142.

142 Terrorist Gematria.PNG

The attack was first reported to the local police at 1:42 pm.

1hour 42minutes Christchurch attack 142.PNG

August 11, our date of interest, leaves 142 days in the year.

August 11.PNG

From August 11, 2019, to PewDiePie's 30th birthday, are 74 days. 74, just like March 15th is the 74th day of the year, like the 74 pages in the manifesto and like the Gematria for 'white supremacist'.

PewDiePie birthday 2019 to August 11 2019 74 days.PNG

And what do you think of this perfectly staged picture, with the two pillar-like police-men on both sides of Brenton, with their checker board stripes on their shoulders. Brenton, who has his face blurred out after already showing it to everyone in his live-stream, is doing the 666 hand sign, which the main-stream media is calling the 'White Power' sign.

christchurch 666 hand sign.jpg

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pretty quick - how did you do this analisi so fast?

how do i calculate the Ordinal? Can i trust wikipedia here?


Go to The four basic English ciphers are already activated, you can also add more ciphers. I would suggest to concentrate on just the four basics for starters. All four of them are important and are used all the time. You can also see legends for all ciphers there.


I just updated the end of the post and added the 142 number riddle: August 11 leaves 142 days in the year.


k -thx for the info!

Wow... Insane!

Oh and 223 is also the caliber of the ar15... Just saying.


That's right on! Thanks for that feedback. It fits right into the riddle.


Well just interesting problem and angles. Thanks for sharing your results.

Never know what you find until it is found. The question is more important!

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Gosh do you think this is the way they can signal to other "elites" like saying, This may happen on this day… has there ever been a real connection showing one disaster, [and its gramatica] proving an upcoming disaster? Cause if there was a system to the numbers.... I wont go anywhere big on that day....great stuff man.

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Yes, I was thinking the same thing. No idea if this is true but it makes a lot of sense to me.

has 107 any meaning? Candace Owens was mentioned in the manifesto.

candace owens.JPG

she was born April 29, 1989


107 Earthquake.png

107 Military.png

107 George Bush.PNG

107 Sports.PNG

107 The Occult.PNG

107 The Messiah.PNG

107 Bridge.PNG

Wowwww @flauwy ! Another amazing piece of the puzzle. It is really unfortunate, but a huge part of my family lives right in SF. So I am planning on how best to break the news to them that they need to be far away on 8/11. Of course, your well researched articles/video will be of great assistance :) thank you.


I am not sure if that is necessary. Nobody knows what , where or if anything happens. Creating panic about this is the last I am interested. I see this as a case study, which can be used after some potential event as clues to uncover the greater mystery.

Zachary Hubbard's was censored on ETSY on the same day, where he used to sell his ebook.

They have their headquarters in Brooklyn, New York.

74 223 Brookly New York.PNG

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