Donald Trump And The Circle Of Time (88, 9/11)

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Let us look at Donald Trump's personal number 88. There seems to be a strong relationship with him and the repdigit of eight. The number 8 is representing time, symbolized by the hour glas and the Ouroboros, the world snake biting its own tail. Since Saturn rules time, the 8 plays a major role in the occult. And it seems to be connected to 9/11 as well.

Let's start to look at Gematria of Ouroboros and the result is a double overlap in the same ciphers. That is a strong correlation.

138 48 Donald Trump Ouroboros.PNG


Good ol' Trump has the number 88 in the Ordinal English cipher, which is the most obvious and simplest of all the Gematria ciphers.

88 Trump.PNG

He even has the divine version of the triple repdigit 888 for 'Donald J. Trump' in English Sumerian, which is also called the default English Gematria cipher, creating much higher numbers than the Ordinal cipher.

888 Donald J Trump.PNG

And Donald Trump's best known book is 'The Art of the Deal', which also equals 888, also in English Sumerian.

888 The Art of the deal Donald Trump.PNG

And check out World Trade Center One.

The keeper of time is Saturn, who equals 119 and 88.

88 Saturn.PNG

119 Saturn.PNG

The elites, the Moslems and the Jews worship Saturn's Black Cube, who equals 811:

811 Saturn's Cube.PNG

black cubes.jpg


And we can see the 9/11 memorial is now basically two Hypercubes or 4D cubes, with cubes within cubes. They also look like two dice showing ones, also called Snake eyes.

9-11 Memorial Tessaract Cube.jpg

Let us not forget the Tribute in Lights for 9/11, with 88 blue beams creating two towers of light:

We even find the cube on Saturn itself, in the mysterious hexagon cloud on its pole.

Saturn cube.jpg

Back to Trump: His public campaign number was 880022 - he also likes the Master Builder Number 22 (and 222) a lot!

Donald-Trump-Short-Code-88022 88 22.jpg

Trump had 88 offices in the different battleground states.
88 Trump Offices in Battleground States elections.jpg

The New York Times wrote, that he has already raised 88 million for the election in 2020 (again, 88 and 2020)
88 Million Trump Campaign 2020.jpg

There is much more to the 88 rabbit hole. The movie 'Back to the Future' is all about time and the number 88 (and 9/11 apparently). The Delorean needed 88 miles per hour to jump in time. The creators admitted that Donald Trump inspired the character Biff Tannen, who becomes a billionaire in the "Alternate 1985", the alternate reality that the main characters created by accident.

trump-biff-tannen 88 Back to the Future.jpg

The 9/11 and the 88 (also symbolized as 811 or 118) riddles are tightly entangled with each other in the movie. For example, the two stop watches showing 1:18 switching to 1:19, bringing both numbers sneakily into the movie. For an overview of the 9/11 symbology check out the screenshot below.

911 119 back-to-the-future-illuminati.jpg

I found two important clues via Gematria in Back to the Future:

119 Alternate 1985 (Back to the Future).PNG

And the cinema, where the Delorean drives towards and jumps time at 88mph shows the movie 'The Atomic Kid', which equals 118.

118 The Atomic Kid (Back to the Future).PNG

San Francisco and the Lion's Gate

One of the major rabbit holes with 88 and 118/811 is San Francisco.

88 Francisco.PNG

88 California.PNG

Once per year, on August 8 (8/8), the dog star Sirius aligns with the sun, the earth and the galactic center. Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, is also associated with the Egyptian mother goddess ISIS. 'Lion's Gate' has the Gematria of 322 in the Jewish cipher, just like the Skull and Bones number, signifying the start of spring, also called the season of festival in the Occult, starting March 22.

322 Lions Gate.PNG

By the way, the Lion's Gate is also a place in Jerusalem, where the last walk of Jesus from prison to cruxification began.

And connected to our numbers of interest, I'll bring you back to King James, again and again and again. He commissioned the King James Bible and his Lord Chancellor Francis Bacon even has TWO Gematria ciphers named after him (Francis Bacon and Franc Baconis). King James equals 88 and 119.

88 King James Bible Gematria.PNG

119 King James Bible Gematria.PNG

There is much more to this whole riddle but it gives you an idea about the significance of 88, in context with Donald Trump.

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