Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC): Is This the Jaws of Wealth?

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Back around this time last year, Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) delivered 306% price increase.

Then in September of last year; a whopping 593% near vertical run was tagged. I am on record in having called this MASSIVE profit opportunity.

So, now, the culmination of waves, pattern and indicator are all pointing in the same direction. The broadening pattern of GBTC is uncanny. Given the recent breakout from the bull flag; the attraction GBTC has for the top trenline of the broadening pattern is like that of a drug addict for the next fix. IF this pathway is correct, a 511% potential can be put on the table. Is this the Jaws of Wealth? What do you think?

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That would put BTC at $120,000...not too shabby @haejin :)


Actually that would put BTC around $35k, It seems like a linear relationship in price. $20k btc was $36 GBTC - so by ratios....a little under $40k - Still I'd take it!

I remember seeing this stock going from 900 to 1300 in a week! Super volatile stock! I personally would be nervous investing this lol @haejin

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I think, there is no clear reason to believe that Bitcoin will hit the top.