Hello @ned , steemit community is having a huge problem with rouge user @themarkymark and his bots . He is single handedly driving 100's if not 1000's of users from this platform . I hope something can be done about it .
(here is video from one of steemit users that sums up the situation we are facing)

That's a one hour video and you just lost your audience at 30secs with the attractive bald guy.

Meh the bloke is a witness @smidge-tv give the bloke some slack ffs

when the 'cleaners' pick you up , you'll be back to watch the whole hour ....

Hey @ned what you think

@ned got no time for us. That plays right in my cell browser, this is a great flow.

his engagment is encouraging

I been eating !popcorn waiting for this engagement and he has yet to respond to me, right @ned...

Do what is right -- that you know is a worthy post....

Succumb to upvoting .. true curation of post that delivers a decent message... just like this post:

It speaks volumes, not just for steem itself, or Steemit. -- it gets people thinking.

I'm expecting just the least, where you'll read it and not vote. At the best you'll like the premise and want to upvote it.

...just be aware.. it was written from the heart.. for all of us today.

Abstain or Support. That is your wish... When you rest on your pillow this next night. Be happy with your decision. Did you want this post to be seen, or did you want it to be neglected?

...the power sometimes rests in @ned hands...

Too bad @ned cares less about steemit than you or I, giving millions in delegation to businesses instead of quality curators...sad the type of community he is building...

What do you know about this? I haven't heard who he is delegating to yet.

the blockchain is transparent so we can all see who @ned is delegating to by going to and to the left click delegations then you can click outgoing... its sad really when you look at it, sold out steemit, sold out quality creators, sold out curation projects that have been helping his platform tirelessly...

That's very dissapointing, the faith of steem seems like it's on a downward spiral because whales can change the markets.

Actually look at STEEM compared to the markets, next to Bitcoin we are holding up better than other crypto's including Etherium!

Yes but looking at steem in the last weeks. What are you seeing

Indeed it is dropping drastically yet compare this way.

1 month ago we were at .96 U.S. Dollar per STEEM and I powered up getting 162 STEEM for .5 Eth, today I can get 122.5 STEEM for .5 Ethereum. STEEM went down 30% give or take 2% and Ethereum went down 55% give or take.

I believe its due to all that are still here keeping Steemit alive! trading services utilizing the coin daily.

I see it now. Thanks. I've used that tool before, but not to look at outgoing delegations. Now it makes sense. Thanks for the tip.

Whaleshares turned off delegations to make things a little more obvious who is doing what with their whalestake (similar to SP)

Interesting this whaleshares...

He also removed delegations from utopian and surpassinggoogle couple of weeks ago while still powering down. Not sure what he is up to though.

He used to delegate from his own, if you check steemd in 20days he undelegated them already.