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We invite you to visit & play with us for a day, a week, a month, or longer! Get a taste of our sustainable lifestyle and get inspiration for living the life of your dreams.

We now have 4 unique spaces available to rent via AirBnB!


Cob Cottage

Our Cob Cottage is the most "classic" Eden experience. This charming, unique cottage is built by hand out of earth and what was once discarded "waste" materials. We alchemize these freely abundant resources into a cozy little room that sleeps up to 4 people!


Travel Trailer

Our Travel Trailer is one of our most popular spaces. It is uniquely situated towards the back of our property. Our guests can enjoy their privacy in this adorable, simple space or are welcome to join us in the shared areas around our main house!



Green Room and Red Room

We recently remodeled 2 indoor spaces, and are happy to host guests in these convenient locations within our main house. They are lovingly decorated with interesting art pieces and hand crafted treasures. The green room is excellent for singles or couples, while our larger red room can accommodate parties of up to 6!


Rentals in all of our spaces include a complimentary continental breakfast spread of 6-8 organic cereals with seasonal fruit, organic milk, and high quality baked goods with a selection of spreads!


We also offer meals to order from our Über Dank Cafe. Our world class, high vibe cuisine is cooked over the open flames of our earthen rocket stoves with fresh, sustainable ingredients. We are happy to cater to any dietary preferences! We offer hot breakfast for $12, lunch for $15, and dinner for $18.


We have a unique boutique space with handmade, vintage, global, and sustainable goods - epic handmade knives, medicinal jewelry, stones & crystals, epic threads clothing for women & men, and über dank preserves - all on offer towards building a better world for ALL! Please schedule a private showing to peruse our treasures.


We also offer unique healing services like massage, sound healing, Reiki, and reflexology by donation. Please let us know if you would like to schedule a private therapy!

As with all of our operations, proceeds from our AirBnB rentals, Über Dank Cafe, Epic Threads Boutique, and High Vibe Health goods and services are paid forward to build a better world for ALL!

*The Garden of Eden is a private members only club, and normally we ask all visitors to have a valid Membership for access to our property. However, we make an exception for our short term AirBnB guests and ask that all bookings through this site sign our User Agreement and submit valid photo ID instead. If you love your experience and want to become a member after staying with us, more details can be found on our website.

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A better world IS possible~*~

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What an extraordinary life!



Wow if I ever win the lotto and can travel I am coming there - it looks wonderful and so relaxing.

Hope to have you!

Thank you, this is so inviting 😘

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