LOOFAH Added to the GOE Seed Bank to Build a Better World for ALL

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We want to share the bounties of our land with you! 

We grow hundreds of medicinal and edible plants at the Garden of Eden. They are accessible, cheap, and/or free options for your own wellness, without the MANY dangers pharmaceuticals impose. Every aspect of life is better when you feel healthy and happy, and we seek to reconnect you to your roots and remind you of these options for your health. 

Allow us to share the blessings of nature and introduce you to one of the marvelous new plants we have added to our GOE Seed Bank:

Homegrown Organic Loofah Sponges

Our organic, homegrown loofah AKA luffah sponges are indispensable around the house! We use these unique plants to scrub everything from our bodies to dishes!

The loofah plant grows as a climbing vine, and the sponges themselves develop from beautiful yellow flowers on the vine. They are edible and tender while quite young, but as they grow become fibrous and unpalatable. The dark green skin turns a light tan and becomes quite dry and brittle when the sponge is ready for harvest. We hand gather the pods and gently peel off the skin.

These loofah sponges include the seeds, so you can grow your own plant! They are very prolific, and spread like pumpkin vines. We recommend cutting the dried sponge into smaller sections to get several pieces from each pod. 
Please contact us if you are a soap maker or anyone else who might be interested in placing a bulk order and we will gladly negotiate. 

For more information on gardening basics, click

We're thrilled to share the wealth from our seed bank! Our LOOFAH SEEDS are offered for barter or trade in crypto right here on the STEEM blockchain or for USD on our website.

Seeds have real value, which is our favorite thing to share! Given the proper conditions, seeds will grow into plants that can provide food, clothing, shelter, and even medicine. And they multiply so easily that you can provide for yourself, your family, your neighbors, and your community! Our plants are foundational for the tens of thousands of free meals we give away each year and the options for natural healing we offer.

Cheers to your health and happiness! 

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A better world IS possible~*~

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What an Interesting plant!

Hey guys.

I dropped by my friend to wish you a Happy Imaginary Lines in the Sand Day!!

Bring your Loofah lol