Zeke's Family Garden - Midsummer Progress!

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How Does My Garden Grow?

It has turned into a hot summer the last few weeks. I have had to water a few times and there are veggies and critters. Lemme give you the immersive tour.

family garden.jpg

Source:https://www.wikihow.com/Plan-a-Family-Garden with a little Zeke design goodness

We started the growing season a little late here in Canadia as the spring was long and coold and damp and not very sunny. I set out to grow 3 types of tomatoes, some carrots for a change, a couple types of cucumbers, and built a whole new raised box that I dedicated to peppers.

Since then, the summer has turned grass-yellowingly hot and dry but the plants have caught up a little. Come see what I have growing!


Lets start with the Flowers


They were nice enough for a splash of colour but I kinda like them more now that I am thinking about the butterflies and bees which do the pollination. I was looking through @thekittygirl's day lily photography marveling at how photogenic they are. I am not sure whether these are Tiger Lilies or something similar but I love the orange.


These ones like to grow in bunches which make for such great lines and textures. They also grow wild at the edge of the country roads which is nice to know they are native (or invasive?)


I often feel like an old lady all proud of her hydrangeas. I have red ones and pink ones that, as per their name, enjoy a lot of water to bloom. They get as big as basketballs and cover so much area with bloom and leaf. Doesn't hurt that the insects and bees love them as well.


This is another sunflower I didn't plant in the garden box. Seems my little one likes to sneak seeds into there rather than plant them in the other flower areas.

I generally like to have the sun shining over my shoulder on the subject of the photo. In this case, I was fascinated by the small hairs and the contrast the sky and clouds and trees put together the make the flower catch the light so well.


I have a nice little royal rumble of other flowers battling for space and sunlight and the marigolds seem to be doing well this year.


They are doing a little better than planned between carrots and tomatoes. They are supposed to repel critters but this year the cucumber sprouts were munched and something is acting like Bugs Bunny on the carrots. Neat colours though.


Now for some Veggies!


The cherry tomatoes in the planter are ripening faster than the ones in the garden box which seem to like to pose for the camera better. Apparently they are the perfect snack in the beginning.


When they all ripen together, they actually make it into salads. Happy ladies with fresh juicy cherry tomatoes.


The Roma tomatoes we tried this year are really doing well. Green and firm and still lots to grow. They will be used fresh in sauces, and excess ones frozen for canning later on along with the oregano that grows along its base.


The first red one is peeking out from way under the leaves.


Of Course we have Beefsteak tomatoes which I like to put on burgers, pizza, sandwiches, and dice up for taco night. Hopefully I will have 66% less than last year so that I don't have to give them all away to friends. Grow your own damn tomatoes! ;)


We have harvested a few dozen green beans off the vines and there are apparently that many again ready to go. I like these in the garden because you can plant them along the edge, and they grow up out of the way of other plants quickly. Plus the fact that they are easier because you don't have to start them indoor.


Featuring: The Pepper Garden!


The box of peppers is sure working well and making me happy. I stood on it to take a picture straight down to show it properly. The green is spilling out and hopefully much of it will turn red soon.


The Green peppers are growing big on smaller plants and we have already eaten a couple. Sweet and smelly and perfect for salads.


The habaneros are a little slow out of the gate thought the plants look good and there are plenty of flowers/buds.


The Jalapeno plant is the tallest and second fattest. We already have 12 picked and being eaten but there are at least that many almost ready to go again. Nice and tasty and not overpoweringly hot.


Plenty of chili peppers are growing nicely now as well. Pretty big and not a hint of red. Last year, they were among the first peppers to be ready to pick.


My prize this year is the Ghost Pepper plant. I figured it would be one of the smaller ones and just hoped for enough peppers to be able to have them for the first year. Some seeds and a couple to make some salsa/relish/hotsauce have that serious heat.

They are interesting little peppers with plenty of buds. the plant is the biggest and second tallest in there. I may have quite a few to add to the preserves!


That's probably as many pics and stories as you need to hear to feel caught up. This gardening thing is pretty damn fun and fulfilling. The learning curve from noob to good results is not that steep or annoying. The advice and wisdom you can get on the blockchain is great too especially if you follow the great gardeners and homesteaders supporting the #gardenjournal2019 tag. It will be great to have all the ULOGers join as well so that we can see growing in even more corners of the earth.




How does your garden grow?

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Congratulations! This is a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing it with us on P.Y.P.T.! BTW.. I'll have @shadowspub's green beans.


As I was typing this, my little one walked past me with a big fistful of new ones straight off the vine!

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Looks like you enjoy spicy food. If we had a garden I'm sure that my husband would plant as many chilis or even more :) I would focus on those tomatoes :)

I've heard from so many people that tomatoes grow very well and that you have to share them with family and friends if you want to avoid throwing them away. It would be a great plant for me as I love to share :)

Thank you for this update and I wish you a happy harvest! :)

Thanks so much!

If you want to share tomatoes, just plant a bunch of beefsteak plants. When they start producing, it is hard to keep up and people really like them.

This year, I mixed in some Roma tomatoes so I could freeze a bumper crop if I was so lucky.

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Great mix in the garden even during a short summer, good crops produced.

Flowers are stunning bringing smiling faces attracting bees, thanks for sharing @zekepickleman some peppers I do not recognize, interesting to see!

They are all pretty common hot peppers and ghost pepper is just the rage now as one of the hottest on the planet. Should make for a funny story when I sit down and try my first one. :)

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What a lush looking garden! Fabulous work, my friend! :)

Thanks my man.

The place isn’t as fancy as a posh BnB but I try to do the best I can for the family.

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I wonder how spicy those "Zeke's Toes" are! Seems like a real contender for spicyness!!!!

Amazing progress, and amazing garden, Zeke :D I can't grow anything so this is MAGICAL, to me <3 !!!!

You win Zeke’s covert contest! I was wondering who would pick that up and mention it and it is you.

1 sbi unit when I get back to the computer.

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Sexy garden my friend.. I'm green with envy. I'd certainly be indulging in fried green tomatoes and anything peppers

You should be proud of those hydrangeas you old bitty you..

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Haha! I am an old biddy for sure. At least until the kids move out and I can branch into different crops!! ;)

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the garden is coming along great.. I will forgive you for the green beans LOL
and mmm half ripe beefstake tomato slices fried in bacon fat .. a harvest treat indeed.

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I love me some shade for sure! Hope to be there tomorrow for the shows as usual.

I have never heard of half ripe beefsteaks being prepared that way. I should go try!

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Your garden is really coming along and the tomatoes are ripening! Thats the most exciting in my opinion. I love tomatoes from the garden. They always taste so much better then the ones at the grocery store.

I absolutely agree. I eat veggies because they are good for me and not because I like them generally. Fresh tomatoes are an exception though and I love a fresh beefsteak!

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Just the flowers alone would make a great post, @zekepickleman! You have some beauties, and that backlit sunflower is gorgeous!

Looks like you're getting a huge yield from your veggie garden (lucky for all the tomato moochers out there...lol), and what a cool idea to have an entire plot for peppers! And for some reason, I didn't expect the Ghost peppers to be green... 😜 😂

Thanks for sharing all the garden growing goodness! 😊

Ah thanks.

When the Ghost pepper is ready, it will be a nasty hot shade of red.

Thanks for sharing the stroll through your garden!
From sweet to hot... you have the pepper market cornered in this garden!

Indeed! I love hot and figured the whole spectrum would make for some good variety in salads and toppings and sauces.

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I LOVE this.

thanks for the garden update.
I planted those same lilies, too. And similar grape, and cherry, as well as San Marzano Plum tomato! only a couple of Pepper types. Yellow Sweet, and Sweet Chocolate.

...plus, a ton of herbs.

Thanks for showcasing this on @pypt #pypt

You bet!

I have herbs too! Parsley, basil, oregano (growing under the tomatoes) and a bit of rosemary.

Gardening is so much fun to learn with blockchain coaches and cheerleaders!

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Beautiful garden... Thank you for sharing on PYPT show.

Thanks for being a part of such a great show! I think it is on now and will have to go check out the late crew.

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I like Hydrangeas, too. Very simple, but beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing at PYPT, @zekepickleman!

They were planted by the old lady who live here before I think. I may have thrown them in right when I mover in but I do enjoy them.

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Your family garden is a dream.
Very very beautiful.
Good sauces and salads with tomatoes and much spicy
With the peppers.
The sunflower you didn't plant looks beautiful. LOL
And in reality all plants are photogenic or just that you are very good with the camera.
In short, a motivating publication, an example to follow.
Stay great
Thanks Curie for a good selection.

Thank you @curie crew for internally nominating my post and the committee for generously supporting me!

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Your Peppers look great. Out of my 6 ghost plants, 3 are large, but no peppers yet sadly, I am not entirely sure why but maybe I have a chance?

Good question!

Maybe a male vs female thing? Perhaps the soul is too good and water too perfect to inspire them into flowering? Not enough heat yet? They will come.

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I really hope so. I've failed so many times. I'm just going to buy professionally harvested seeds next time.

I can mail you some of mine in exchange for generous upvotes!

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Wow thanks for the offer. I'm going to be trying to get them myself in the next few weeks. If I fail, I'll consider your generous offer.

Beautiful garden, @zekepickleman. Everything looks perfect. I had never seen tomatoes grow so simetrically (8th picture). They tend to bend and twist. That particular branch is just amazing.
I hope garden creatures do not mes up with your harvest. You'll have plenty of delicious salads to enjoy

We have something messing with the carrots and devouring the cucumber sprouts before they can grow into plants.

Can’t begrudge nature for sharing the food I suppose!

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How I wish I have this garden as well. It's beautiful and the pictures are well taking.

Many thanks! I really just built a box out of wood I had on hand and filled it with dirt. The rest is learning and eating?

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Oh how I love your garden!

I love the orange lily. Its vibrant color gives off a positive vibe. I also love the hydrengeas. We only have plastic ones here. Huhuhu! 😢 I guess it only grows in the cold weather.

The tomatoes looks super healthy. I can just imagine how yummy it would be on salads. We used to grow tomatoes in our frontyard. But it became infested with aphids. I was so sad.

Thank you for sharing your garden with us.

Sharing would be no fun without someone to share it with. Thanks for taking the time to comment and give feedback!

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Yes, I definitely agree. Sharing would be pointless. 😢

Thank you once again. 😊

Your garden is magnificent, I love watching tomatoes grow!

Me too Joe.

It is best when the first one turns red and you get to search for the hidden ones that will follow.

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Yeah, I love that kind of exciting feelings too!

ehy dear @zekepickleman, your garden is fantastic! both part of flowers and vegetables. I love gardening, but traveling a lot I can't have one of my own, but I happened to take care of some gardens and it is a wonderful feeling to see their growth day after day. I saw zucchini so big that I can't describe, and pumpkin leaves so intrusive that you couldn't pass :-)) I know funny, and so much satisfaction eating them, with a taste so delicious! congratulations

Much appreciated!

I would probably trade a summer of garden for a summer of travel though. I might have to give that a try.

Posted using Partiko iOS

surely it would be a different and equally beautiful experience !! try it! :-))

Oh how I love your garden!

I love the orange lily. Its vibrant color gives off a positive vibe. I also love the hydrengeas. We only have plastic ones here. Huhuhu! 😢 I guess it only grows in the cold weather.

The tomatoes looks super healthy. I can just imagine how yummy it would be on salads. We used to grow tomatoes in our frontyard. But it became infested with aphids. I was so sad.

Thank you for sharing your garden with us.

I like that the Lillie’s are native and on the side of the roads out here. Makes em easy to keep alive and feels like I am sharing the land. Just have to get rid of this lawn ....

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That's very good! I don't think we have it here. If there are lilies on the side of the roads, your place would be very beautiful. 😍😍

What a beautiful garden! I really like seeing nature because it makes me feel at home, in peace, congratulations on your post ♡

Slowly returning this place to nature. Some of it invasive Matthew but survival of the fittest I guess.

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You guys absolutely ROCK!

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Ok i would get a account for zeketoes hahaha or deposit a name at the notary office hahahah i dont have a lot but what we have grows great
I might do a garden journal about it, but maybe i need to grow a time pant too, i have to little off that
Have a great weekend Zeke
Blog soon

Those are definitely daylilies in your garden, and they are beautiful! (Tiger Lilies have some black in the flowers, too.) And they are double flowers, with two rows of petals, like the ones I also shared in PYPT! Absolutely spectacular and your shots are superb, especially that second one! 😍 Love the marigolds, too!