Another Year Comes to an Abrupt End

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As the growing season comes to an abrupt ending here in Upstate New York, preparing the raised boxes for next year is keeping us very busy. The compost pile from the year before has almost entirely broken down.


Adding this nutrient rich matter to the soil should guarantee another bumper crop next year.



These raised boxes had some cabbage and broccoli still growing in them, and today we harvested the remainder of this years bounty.


With the head of the broccoli plants picked months ago, the side shoots have been producing plenty of tender little heads.


The side shoots of the broccoli are very tender, and the plants have produced an abundance of side shoots.


With freezing temperatures expected over the next few days, even the cabbage had to be harvested.



After removing the remainder of the veggies from the boxes, the soil has been turned and compost has been added to the boxes.


Not a bad haul for this time of year.


In mid October we harvested these beets.


Being that beets are one of our favorite veggies, we planted a second crop where we had removed the carrots earlier in the year. Although these beets are still growing, I'm afraid that the cold weather will kill them. They probably need several more weeks to reach maturity, but I'm afraid Mother Nature has another plan for them.


About a month ago the Garlic cloves had been planted, and blanketed in a bed of hay. They should be poking through the hay any day now.

IMG_7555 (1).JPG

@farm-mom loves her flowers and these pansies just refuse to to succumb to Old Man Winter.

IMG_7562 (1).JPG


#farm-mom needs to have something growing year round. Here are a couple of pictures of wheat grass she started about 6 weeks ago. They will be kept indoors and are almost ready to be juiced.



Despite coming to this challenge at the end of our growing season, I would just like to thank @simplymike for the opportunity to join in on the fun #gardenjournal2019.

Have a wonderful day!


Looks Amazing 😁. Ive been pondering a garden for too long and finally dug out a bed around my house. I found some veggies i can start in November here in S Fla, woot. I have never gardened before although my dad and grandmother have major green thumbs so ive been around it. Ive only grown marijuana, tomatoes and palm trees lol. I just planted these yesterday so we shall see my luck lol. Ive actually been pondering a nursery business for aome time, i am just a total amateur hah. Have to start somewhere. Thanks for the update 👍.



I'll tell you what, if you get hooked you will love it. I can spend hours and hours in the garden. There is nothing like growing your own food.
You've got a nice selection of seeds.
We have never had any luck with melons of any type, maybe you will have better luck.
We have had a garden for many years, and if you nhave any ? don't hesitate to ask. We would be more than happy to lend a hand.
Have a great Day my friend!

@simplymikes #gardenjournal2019 is my fave tag on Steemit!!! Bummer about early frost. Crazy weather world wide. Garden on!

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You can't fight Mother Nature.

Wow! That's still a nice harvest for this time of year.
I really regret not planting any broccoli or cabbages this year. definitely back on my list for next year.

Thanks for joining!!

Thank you for the reply. I wish I would have been involved with this challenge sooner. Even though our gardening season is over, I will keep in touch and watch for what others are doing from around the globe.

Wow - LOVE your beets!! I actually think they're much more flavourful when picked a bit small. Do you not eat the small broccoli leaves? They're really good in stir fried with mushrooms. :) And I always add them to soups.

Your raised beds - and your compost! - are impressive.

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I am always impressed with your raised beds. That is such a smart way to garden! Beets are my favorite, too.

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Time flies when your having fun!! Gardening takes a lot of time but very rewarding and satisfying.

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